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No Parking, No Standing, No Stopping – What They Really Mean

No Parking, No Stopping or No Standing?
It may seem like ages ago since you learned about different parking signs in your driver’s education class. For those of you who forgot or weren’t paying attention in class, here is a mini referesher that can save you over $100. The differences between No Parking, No Standing and No Stopping are minor yet significant:
No Parking Signs promote the message that you may stop to load and unload merchandise or let people in and out of your car. The cost of tickets for parking in a No Parking Zone varies, but is typically $100.
No Standing Signs indicate that you may temporarily stop to load or unload passengers. You cannot wait for someone or load and unload merchandise. No Standing Signs only refer to people. The cost of a ticket for standing or parking where there is a No Standing Sign is $115.
No Stopping Signs mean you may stop only to obey a traffic sign, traffic signal, police officer or avoid an accident. You may not stop for any type of loading or unloading. Only stop in an emergency or if told to by a police officer. The cost of a ticket for stopping, standing or parking where there is a No Stopping Sign is $115.
In a Nutshell:
• No Parking – drop off people and things.

• No Standing – only drop off people.

• No Stopping – stop in an emergency or if told by a police officer.
On major legal holidays these rules are suspended (unless the sign reads “Any Time” or indicates that it is in effect seven days a week). Keep in mind that the list of Major Legal Holidays is much shorter than one might assume.The New York City Parking Calendar states that major legal holidays are: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
Minimize confusion amongst drivers everywhere, these signs are ideal for your school or apartment driveway. We offer a wide variety of No Parking Signs, No Standing Signs, No Stopping Signs, Drop Off Signs and Drive Slowly Signs all of which can be easily customized to give detailed instructions to drivers. All of our signs are premium quality and we guarantee the lowest prices on the web.
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