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42 In. Channelizer Signpost: Flexpost SM Channelizer Signpost (K2-4519) Learn More...

Part# K2-4519
Shape Vertical

Product Description

Part channelizer, part signpost but 100% durable and resilient, our Channelizer Signpost can be configured to regulate the flow traffic like a channelizer, or used as signpost for street signs or parking lots.

  • Reboundable Channelizer signpost measures 42" tall.
  • Impact resistant design withstands repeated 60 mph collisions.
  • Transfers momentum to the spring, increasing the service life of the post.
  • Offers a full range of motion with 360° of flexibility.
  • UV resistant construction stands up well in any type of weather condition.
  • Can be used as a signpost. Mounting brackets are sold separately.
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  • 42 Inch
  • 42" Channelizer Signpost
  • 42" Channelizer Post - Adhesive Model
  • 42" Channelizer Post - Asphalt Model
  • 42" Channelizer Post - Concrete Model
  • 42" Channelizer Post - Natural Ground Model
42" Channelizer Post - Adhesive Model
Lasts 10+ years outside. All-weather coating offers great water and chemical resistance. Reboundable post flexes upon impact. Nov 3
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  • Rugged 4.75" square glass filled nylon base with turn-and-lock plate.
  • The outdoor rated 42" tall 1-7/8" diameter post is 1/8" thick to withstand collisions and weathering.
  • Impact resistant zinc coated steel spring provides 360° of flexibility.
  • Functions effectively as a channelizer or signpost. Sign mounting brackets are sold separately.
  • Adhesive models come with a high-strength polyurethane adhesive anchoring kit. Not recommended for asphalt applications.
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Material:42" Channelizer Post - Adhesive Model
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