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Speed Cushion: 6'6" x 6'8" Long - Black with Arrow Markings, Hardware Included (K-2793) Learn More...

Part# K-2793

Product Description

Safely control traffic and reduce vehicle speeds to 20-30 mph with these Speed Cushions. Made from 100% recycled rubber tires, our high-traction speed cushions are highly visible and extremely durable. Unlike traditional traffic calming devices, our speed cushion is designed to slow traffic while having a minimal effect on emergency response time. The cushions are also easy to install, coming in modular sections and with lag bolts included. Simply drill a hole with a masonry bit and penetrate the asphalt or concrete surface below. Once installed, they may be easily removed for road surface maintenance. Place them strategically on streets, residential thoroughfares and pedestrian zones; in parking lots and parking garages; and at schools, universities, hospitals and apartment complexes. Our speed cushions quietly and effectively slows traffic without vehicle or tire damage. What's more, adding speed cushions typically reduces traffic volume approximately 20% on cut-through streets. Take a decisive step toward increasing pedestrian safety!

  • Embedded reflective material increases visibility and safety.
  • All-weather easy maintenance.
  • Extremely durable: will not warp, chip, crack, crumble or corrode.
  • Made in the USA from durable recycled tire rubber.
  • Flexible: conforms to road curvature.
  • Resistant to extreme temperature variations, UV light, oils, moisture and damage.
  • Easy, one-person installation with basic tools.
  • Includes installation hardware.
  • Easy to remove and relocate.
  • Weighs approximately 530 pounds.
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  • 6'6"W x 6'8"L x 3"H
  • Rubber Speed Cushion
Rubber Speed Cushion
Lasts 10+ years outside. Oct 22
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  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber that is compression molded.
  • Rubber conforms to any asphalt or concrete surface and is less damaging to vehicles upon impact.
  • Resistant to extreme temperature variations, UV light, oils, moisture, road salt and damage.
  • All-weather design provides easy maintenance and has been tested to take the repeated abuse and compression of high weight vehicles and continuous traffic.
  • Straightforward maintenance. Item will not warp, chip, crack, crumble or corrode.
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