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Size 21" x 3.5" (H x W)
Color Red
Package 1 Driver
Contents 1 Heavy-Duty Steel Post Driver

Post Pounder for Sign Posts 

Heavy Steel Post Driver for Sign Posts (Square)

Package : 1 Driver • Price per Driver
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Driver
1 2 5
$142.84 $130.14 $124.85
Quantity :
Price per Driver:
You Save:
Product Description
Have a lot of sign posts to install? Save time and energy with a heavy post driver to simplify the process.

• This heavy duty pounder weighs 26 pounds.

• Unlike lightweight fence pounders, this driver makes it easy to install a U-channel, tubular and square metal post into the ground. Municipality grade quality

• Safer than a sledge hammer, we recommend this post for staff installing multiple posts. Save your back!

• Welded steel, maximum strength construction, and an inner diameter just under 3.25".

• A thick striking plate and generous seam welds provide a stronger connection for more power in every drive.

• Unique construction fits the natural grip of your hands for a firmer grip and less fatigue.

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