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Katrina works as a Web Copywriter for SmartSign. She is a Yooper, transplanted Tennessean, China explorer, writer and educator. She started writing regularly after she accidentally started a couple fires in her pre-pharmacy chemistry lab at the University of Tennessee. After teaching in China, Katrina studied creative writing and pedagogy in Chatham University’s MFA program, where she cut her hair and learned to procrastinate. She recently moved to Brooklyn, and when not getting on the train heading in the wrong direction, she’s brushing up on long-forgotten Mandarin, testing the constraints of her OtterBox and working on that book she’s been telling her friends about.

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NYC crushes double parking with Operation Move-Along

NYC crushes double parking with Operation Move-Along

| March 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

Discovering a perfect parking spot in the city without double parking is like beating level 361 in Candy Crush. You need risk, luck, and a few extra lifetimes. Once you get up at a horrible hour, manage your commute and dodge rogue jay-walking pedestrians, then you get to find a parking spot. In some busy areas, […]

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