Transportation roundup 11/17/14

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A new app, Tug, alerts pedestrians who use their cell phones while walking when they’re about to amble into the street.

Miami international airport dropoff zone

Uber has earned the ire of Miami’s airport. From jwalsh.

South Florida airports vet drivers carefully before they can pick up or drop off riders. Now, Autoblog reports that Uber is advising drivers in Miami on how to avoid getting ticketed by airports for arranging rides illegally.

According to a study in the Journal of Policy & Marketing, the Irish are less keen on biking than their Dutch counterparts because of misperceptions of risk and weather; the authors believe that fostering cyclist culture is key to encouraging uptake.

Tennessee put up a sign advising drivers to keep “eyes on the road and your head out of your apps.” While this is cute, irrelevant PSA-style messaging may itself distract drivers or render them less likely to pay attention to signage when it’s really critical.

BostInno says that Boston has signed up for parking sensors in one neighborhood. For now, the sensors will help drivers find free spots, but the mayor says they’ll eventually be used to spur turnover and make “planning decisions.”

SFGate says disabled parking fraud cost San Francisco $22.7 million last year. We feel that this warrants boldface type. Disabled parking fraud cost San Francisco $22.7 million last year!

AASHTO has revealed that 94% of all 2013 federal highway funds went to existing infrastructure rather than new building.

…And as usual, the halls of state DOTs are abuzz with activity:

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