Transportation roundup 11/24/14

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Incredibly sweet data visualization on taxi cab trips into New York from LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International Airports.

It’s not that hard to pimp your commute out a little bit! Rochester, New York has added cheap cubical seats to bus stops, apparently making residents happy.

SFGate argues, rightly, that charging for accessible parking is a key way to reduce fraud and make sure that those who need it actually have access to it.

Accessible parking in SF

From SFGate.

New York bike and pedestrian safety activists Right of Way paid $1,000 to have a plane photobomb the Verrazano Narrows Bridge’s anniversary with a sign that read “50 YRS & NO BIKE/PED PATHS? OPEN THE VERRAZANO NOW!”

The British urbanists over at CityMetric host a lengthy article on what makes the perfect “high street,” or what we Americans call “Main Street.”

American cars are loaded with more and more processing power, but the European Union isn’t pleased with the lack of privacy laws that keep companies from nefarious use of data.

Carmel, Indiana funds tens of millions of dollars of new parking spaces with tax increment financing, or borrowing against future property tax projections. We still think this form of finance is a terrible idea.

News from the state DOTs:

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