Transportation roundup 11/4/14

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The Washington Post’s Ashley Halsey III reveals a telling statistic from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety: tired drivers cause a full 21% of all traffic fatalities. That makes exhaustion even more dangerous than drinking, which results in around 13% of fatalities.

Magliozzi's Law: you should ever, ever, ever buy a new ca- HEY, WHAT'S THAT YOU'RE DRIVING IT'S HOT Image from Joseph Brent.

Magliozzi’s Law: you should ever, ever, ever buy a new automo- HEY, WHAT’S THAT YOU’RE DRIVING IT’S PRETTY HOT BRO Image from Joseph Brent.

Sarah Goodyear penned a long, thoughtful piece on reception of Vision Zero in New York, discussing the logarithmic lifesaver that lowering the speed limit to 25 should be – and how some journalists are waxing poetic about the good old days.

Rich Taber of’s glowing review of the 2014 MINI Cooper Hardtop forced me to remind myself of Tom Magliozzi’s dictum that a new car is never, ever, ever worth the money you spend on it. But the car does come with one really interesting feature: it can tell whether a spot is big enough, and if so, it can parallel park itself. The extra $1,000 its Park Assistant feature will run you doesn’t seem like such a bad deal for never having to stress about misunderestimating the size of a parking spot.

Technical difficulties may mean that Harrisburg, PA is unable to collect on $700,000 of unpaid parking tickets, says the Patriot-News. Harrisburg has leased its parking to Standard Parking.

Wired reports that Ducati has thrown a processor into its Panigale motorcycles to keep them balanced correctly coming out of turns.

In addition to being linked to autism, the State Smart Transportation Initiative has just linked proximity to “major roadways” with greater risk of cardiac death in women.

And today’s news from the bonny shoals of of the state DOTs:

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