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Part# K2-5317
Includes 1 blank flex paddle, asphalt, concrete, or ground anchoring kit, and 2 vinyl adhesive labels. Labels must be applied by hand.

Product Description

Protect parking lot surfaces and vehicles from unnecessary damage with these easy to install guideposts.

  • Guidepost/ Delineator post hasa ribbed design and stands 40” high and is 4” wide.
  • Made from 1/8” thick impac t and UV resistant high-density polyethylene that can withstand repeated 60 MPH impacts.
  • Offers 360° of flexibility.
  • Contains rugged internal steel zinc-coated spring.
  • Fits a variety turn-and-lock base options.
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  • 40" x 4"
  • FlexPost Guidepost
  • FlexPost Guidepost Asphalt
  • FlexPost Guidepost Concrete
  • FlexPost Guidepost Ground
FlexPost Guidepost Asphalt
Lasts 7+ years outside. Good water and chemical resistance Reboundable post flexes upon impact. Two-sided print. Jun 22
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  • Rugged high density polyethylene impact and UV resistant guidepost with internal zinc-coated spring.
  • Withstands impacts at speeds of up to 60 MPH while maintaining 360° of flexibility.
  • 40” high x 4” wide and 1/8” thick with a durable ribbed design.
  • This model is designed for asphalt anchoring. Install kit includes 1 base plate, 4 orange expansion plugs, 4 hex lag screws, 4 flat washers, 5/8" Philips head set screw.
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Size:40" x 4"
Material:FlexPost Guidepost Asphalt
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