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FlexPaddle Portable Entrance Right Arrow Paddle Portable: FlexPost "Entrance" with Right Arrow Paddle with Portable Base (K2-5404-BASE) Learn More...

Part# K2-5404-BASE
Contents Includes 1 blank flex paddle, portable base, and 2 vinyl adhesive labels. Labels must be applied by hand.

Product Description

Use this directional FlexPost Paddle to clearly direct drivers to the Entrance.

  • Delineator paddle stands 41” high by 9” wide.
  • Made of 1/8” thick impact and UV resistant high density polyethylene.
  • Able to withstand repeated 60 MPH impacts.
  • Offers 360° flexibility.
  • Contains rugged internal steel zinc-coated spring.
  • Includes an 18lb portable rubber base.
  • Paddle kits are double-sided and include 2 engineer grade reflective adhesive labels for the sign faces.
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    Lasts 7+ years outside.Good water and chemical resistanceReboundable post flexes upon impact. Two-sided print.Apr 2
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    • Rugged high density polyethylene impact and UV resistant guidepost with internal zinc-coated spring.
    • Withstands impacts at speeds of up to 60 MPH while maintaining 360° of flexibility.
    • 40” high x 4” wide and 1/8” thick with a durable ribbed design.
    • This model is portable and comes with an 18lb rubber base.
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