Flexible Signs and Delineators for parking Lots and Valet Parking

Part# K2-5424

Product Description

  • Labels are design to fit FlexPost Paddles.
  • Feature 3M reflective film for increased visibility.
  • Labels are laminated for durability.
  • UV-resistant, weatherproof overlaminate protects the label from moisture, solvents, chemicals, abrasion and fading. Easily wipe off dirt, dust, or grease.
  • 4 mil thick vinyl with aggressive adhesive.
  • Glossy finish is easy to clean and mar-resistant. The surface may be written on with permanent marker.
  • Labels withstand chemical splashes and can be used inside or outdoors. May not adhere properly on textured surfaces such as wood or plastic.
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  • LotBoss Portable Kit
  • FlexPost Portable Kit
  • FlexPost Fixed Kit
  • Signs Only

2 :
  • 7.875" x 35.5" Sign for LotBoss
  • 7.5" x 29.5" Sign for FlexPost

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    Coroplast Panel
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    Lasts 7+ years outside.Sign reflects light from a flashlight.Good water and chemical resistanceSuper strong 3M adhesive bonds the sticker to the surface.160°FSep 28
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    • 3M Engineer Grade, reflective labels.
    • Laminated for superior durability.
    • Aggressive adhesive backing.
    • Withstands water and chemicals.
    • Glossy finish is easy to clean.
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    Lasts 10+ years outside.This is one of our best selling products.Great water and chemical resistanceCan conform to a curved surface. 168ºFSep 28
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    • 3M's high intensity, reflective film.
    • Strong adhesive for most surfaces.
    • Prismatic material, the same used for STOP signs. Great for emergency procedures.
    • Ideal for vehicles, utility labels, or instructions.
    • Outdoor life of over 10 years.
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    Yellow Black Delineator Decal Only
    Yield Pedestrian Crosswalk Decal Only
    Stop Pedestrian Crosswalk Decal Only
    Yellow Black Chevron Decal Only
    Red White Delineator Decal Only
    FlexPost Safety First Decal
    FlexPost Staff Parking Only Decal
    FlexPost Student Drop-Off Area Decal
    FlexPost No Parking Pick-Up Only Decal
    FlexPost Pull Forward Drop Off Decal
    FlexPost Valet Parking Decal
    FlexPost Valet Parking Only Decal
    FlexPost Stop Here for Valet Parking Decal
    FlexPost Do Not Enter One Way Decal
    FlexPost Caution Slippery Parking Lot Decal
    FlexPost Event Parking Straight Arrow Decal
    FlexPost Event Parking Left Arrow Decal
    FlexPost Event Parking Right Arrow Decal
    FlexPost Additional Parking Straight Arrow Decal 
    FlexPost Additional Parking Left Arrow Decal
    FlexPost Additional Parking Right Arrow Decal 
    FlexPost Event Parking Decal
    FlexPost No Public Parking Decal
    FlexPost Please Walk Your Bike Decal
    FlexPost Slow Children At Play Decal
    FlexPost Caution Possible Icy Conditions Decal
    FlexPost Caution Falling Ice Decal
    Sidewalk Closed Ahead Decal FlexPost Paddle
    FlexDecal Pull Forward Pasenger Side Decal
    Sidewalk Closed Decal FlexPost Paddle
    Detour Straight Arrow Decal FlexPost Paddle
    Detour Left Arrow Decal FlexPost Paddle
    Detour Right Arrow Decal FlexPost Paddle
    Exit Straight Arrow Decal FlexPost Paddle
    Exit Left Arrow Decal FlexPost Paddle
    Exit Right Arrow Decal Decal FlexPost Paddle
    Entrance Straight Arrow Decal FlexPost Paddle
    Entrance Left Arrow Decal FlexPost Paddle
    Entrance Right Arrow Decal FlexPost Paddle
    Reserved Pick Up Decal FlexPost Paddle
    Reserved Online Decal FlexPost Paddle

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    Feb 07, 2020

    Size: 41" x 9" Material Type: FlexPost Paddle with Asphalt Anchors   Verified Purchase

    Crosswalk Paddles great

    Just what I needed for crosswalk