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Part# ST-0254
Shape Stencil

Product Description

Create your own multiple Tow Away Zone Parking Signs. A Stencil Sign allows you to create as many To Away Signs as you would like in any color or size.

Stencil ST 0254
10"x 42"10"42"4"36.45"
12"x 60"12"60"6"54.68"
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  • 10" x "42"
  • Polyethylene Stencil
Polyethylene Stencil
Sign lasts 2+ years outside. Great water and chemical resistance Feb 21
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  • 63 mil thick, reusable ABS plastic stencil.
  • Stencils have burr-free edges for a clean image.
  • Does not absorb paint and can be washed off.
  • Use the same stencil to make several signs.
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Size:10" x "42"
Material:Polyethylene Stencil
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