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Date / Place Placard # Lic plate Comments Image  
02/13/2016, Tucson, AZ None Bkx8959 Some over size man took a handicap space and didn't even parked correctly .. So disgusted while... view
02/13/2016, Tucson, AZ None Bkx8959 Some over size man took a handicap space and didn't even parked correctly .. So disgusted while... view
02/13/2016, Tucson, AZ None Bkx8959 Some over size man took a handicap space and didn't even parked correctly .. So disgusted while... view
02/13/2016, Dundee, MI NONE! DDN 4823 Lazy scumbags could not find close parking spot (plenty farther parking available) so they parked i... view
02/13/2016, frederick, MD no e 1AY7294 Wow man did not want to walk to get into the store she had passed the spot then backed up and pulle... view
02/13/2016, Dundee, MI NONE! FZX 7531 Assholes could not find close parking spot (plenty farther parking available) so they parked in han... view
02/13/2016, Bakersfield, CA 721627F 68476y1 white lifted toyota tundra 4 door v8 with black rims view
02/13/2016, Baton Rouge , LA None KUB 091 Parked in handicap with no tags view
02/13/2016, Buda, TX none FPX 8981 Parked in apartment complex handicap. view
02/13/2016, Buda, TX none DNL 6717 They just parked in handicap in apartment complex. This was on 12.20.15. I just found this site or ... view
02/13/2016, Denver, CO Temp Tag Temp Tag White Ford has been constantly parking in handicapped parking space. No handicapped tag visible. Te... view
02/12/2016, Modesto, CA 95350, CA ???? 7FXD121 Parked in handicap at chase bank not only that took two spaces. view
02/12/2016, South miami, FL 162hle 162hle Two individuals parked and walked out. Not handicapped view
02/12/2016, Belmont, NC None PBP-7525 This person parked in a handicap parking spot, and was clearly not handicapable or had a handicap p... view
02/12/2016, Los angeles, CA PT cruiser 5XNZ334 Blue PT Cruise view
02/12/2016, Atlanta, GA 5690184 BDH5366 Single occupant. The driver was not handicapped. Florida placard. view
02/12/2016, Lewisville, TX None FWP-1810 Vehicle blocked access to two handicap parking spaces while parked in a no parking zone. view
02/12/2016, Alexandria, VA 223, VA no placard na an employee or maybe the owner ALWAYS parks his RED Pickup on the white slash lines between 2 handi... view
02/12/2016, Chicago, IL 5424 75 407 Resident currently has a parking space specifically for handicap, but he saves parking in regular p... view
02/11/2016, mpls, MN c73910 686 TXU parks in the parking lot for months sticker is not theres view
02/11/2016, Hialeah Gardnes, FL AGGT16 AGGT16 Two vehicles same household with Disabled Parking Permits view
02/10/2016, dallas , TX TPT101 tpt101 Car parked in handicap parking without a tag view
02/10/2016, San Leandro , CA ? ? Has been on our block since 9 this morning going on five now, never seen this car. Today is the fir... view
02/10/2016, Pflugerville, TX None BHX 9610 Parked in can accessible handicapped parking place. No disable placard or license plate and person ... view
02/10/2016, SANTEE, CA Unknown 7ard547 Vehicle always parks in a handicapp spot. It displays a red pass but it is a female student that do... view
02/10/2016, Conroe, TX NONE 9JRGP Parked on yellow stripes preventing side ramp access view
02/10/2016, Saint Petersburg, FL Unknown Tq1MA This woman parks in the handicapped parking spots every day. When confronted, she said that it was ... view
02/10/2016, chicago, IL 000000 000000 Postal vehicles constantly parking in handicap parking which takes away from disabled employees usi... view
02/10/2016, Omaha, NE Unknown TYF396 Car often parks illegally in a handicap stall. Has NO handicap permit. view
02/10/2016, Omaha, NE None TYF396 This car is OFTEN parked illegally. As you see they have no handicap permit tag in the front and no... view
02/10/2016, Anaheim, CA unknown DP514JE Driver is the owner of an auto custom shop called Hydrix Customs named Brian. Young person; gets ar... view
02/09/2016, Saline, MI None BNC 0390 Totally able-bodied man was too lazy to park normally and SAUNTERED in to post office like he OWNED... view
02/09/2016, Houston, TX 00000000 BS6 5293 this driver did not have a handicap tag or plate view
02/09/2016, Costa Mesa, CA 7AZL552 7AZL552 No disabled permit. view
02/09/2016, San Diego, CA none 6FLY916 Must be to lazy to haul there dirty laundry from 2 parking spots away from the door so parked in th... view
02/09/2016, Jefferson City, MO CZ25S CZ25S The guy that drives this car is obviously not handicapped. He practically sprints into work every ... view
02/09/2016, Huntington Beach, CA none DP657DA This is a clear case of disability fraud. Car is a small green Fiat. The driver is a regular at my ... view
02/09/2016, Pheonix, AZ 000 Fjk9302 This car has been using the space for over 3 days along with 2 others in the deer valley south sid... view
02/08/2016, Austell, GA 0000000000 4300659 Vehicle is a USPS delivery van, did not have license plate. I took a photo of the vehicle number. V... view
02/08/2016, Santa Ana, CA N/A 6BVZ229 Person without handicap permit has parked on handicapped zone. view
02/08/2016, Chula vista , CA 277886 D 8Y25387 Truck parked since November 2015 in same spot. view
02/08/2016, chicago, IL CF59891 X881167 This person parks in Handicap everyday. view
02/08/2016, Willmar, MN B64286 785 PAR I've seen the same woman park in handicap spots previously and there is no sign of any disabili... view
02/07/2016, Newhall, CA N/a 7X46649 License plate No:7X46649 Parked in handicap spot but has no handicap placard view
02/07/2016, Louisburg, NC None BCH-1098 Parked in a clearly marked handicapped space but has no placard or tag to show handicapped status. view
02/07/2016, Louisburg, NC None WTX-7916 Parked in clearly marked handicapped space but had no placard or marked tag. view
02/06/2016, White Haven, PA 111111 O32 Silver Crysler 300. Man had no cane walker and I went inside the club he isn't handicapped. His... view
02/02/2016, Ann Arbor, MI None DCL 8564 Large, overweight but very agile driver RUNS into Comcast office. No placard! Not on dash, on seat ... view