View recent disabled parking fraud reports

Date / Place Placard # Lic plate Comments Image  
02/09/2016, Houston, TX 00000000 BS6 5293 this driver did not have a handicap tag or plate view
02/09/2016, Costa Mesa, CA 7AZL552 7AZL552 No disabled permit. view
02/09/2016, San Diego, CA none 6FLY916 Must be to lazy to haul there dirty laundry from 2 parking spots away from the door so parked in th... view
02/09/2016, Saline, MI None BNC 0390 Totally able-bodied man was too lazy to park normally and SAUNTERED in to post office like he OWNED... view
02/08/2016, Austell, GA 0000000000 4300659 Vehicle is a USPS delivery van, did not have license plate. I took a photo of the vehicle number. V... view
02/08/2016, Santa Ana, CA N/A 6BVZ229 Person without handicap permit has parked on handicapped zone. view
02/08/2016, Chula vista , CA 277886 D 8Y25387 Truck parked since November 2015 in same spot. view
02/08/2016, chicago, IL CF59891 X881167 This person parks in Handicap everyday. view
02/07/2016, Newhall, CA N/a 7X46649 License plate No:7X46649 Parked in handicap spot but has no handicap placard view
02/07/2016, Louisburg, NC None BCH-1098 Parked in a clearly marked handicapped space but has no placard or tag to show handicapped status. view
02/07/2016, Louisburg, NC None WTX-7916 Parked in clearly marked handicapped space but had no placard or marked tag. view
02/07/2016, Grand Prairie , TX N/A 30VZXM Parked in handicap parking with no Blue or Red placard hanging on rear view mirror nor handicap pla... view
02/06/2016, Escondido , CA None 93980w1 A delivery truck for convenience blocked the handicapped parking. view
02/06/2016, Los angeles, CA 57944 5hpet46c18 This vehicle's almost run over a person that was standing in front of the handicap parking this... view
02/06/2016, Hendersonville, TN None W47-87V Parked in handicap spot without tag view
02/06/2016, Hendersonville, TN None W47-84V Parking in handicap spot without handicap tag or handicap symbol on license plate view
02/06/2016, Orlando, FL Unknown Unknown Blue vehicle with no permit parked in disabled spot view
02/06/2016, Cicero, NY HBA4137 HBA4147 Black Lincoln Zephyr. view
02/06/2016, Murrysville, PA None DNP3059 No placard. Woman and 2 girls, all able bodied, exited car to shop after parking in disabled parkin... view
02/06/2016, Laredo, TX DTN - 5440 DTN - 5440 Parked in handicapped parking near building # 13 in Cienega Linda Apartments view
02/06/2016, laredo, TX DTN - 5440 DTN - 5440 Parked in Handicapped near buildinG 13 in Cienega linda apartments view
02/06/2016, itasca, IL none R779704 Plenty of spots open including a regular spot right next to the handicap. They always park illegal... view
02/06/2016, Blasdell, NY 517576 517576 Young female who clearly is not disabled driving vehicle. view
02/06/2016, Bedford, NH ? LUVMYH3 Property manager of the apartment complex, thinks she is better than everyone else. view
02/06/2016, White Haven, PA 111111 O32 Silver Crysler 300. Man had no cane walker and I went inside the club he isn't handicapped. His... view
02/05/2016, Mustang, OK N10077 030LEGG Woman in High heels got out and walked into the store unassisted. Didn't seem to be handicappe... view
02/05/2016, Charlotte, NC N/A GHP-6909 This particular car use this spot frequently at night. view
02/05/2016, Raleigh, NC Dbb6161 Dbb6161 Female, early 20s brunette, 5' ?" Parked in front of the Cameron Village starbucks in han... view
02/05/2016, Los Angeles , CA 514344 7GBM280 This car is always parked in the only disabled spot for the building. I have asked numerous times ... view
02/04/2016, Carlsbad, CA None 9E31136 Not only did this delivery truck Block the handicapped parking, they unloaded in it because it was ... view
02/04/2016, Vallejo, CA n/a 4RPH483 She parks here every chance she gets. Thinks she's above the law when confronted, and doesn... view
02/04/2016, Omaha, NE None None Happens when there is no parking close to apartment view
02/04/2016, Md, MD Dk-6639 Dk-6639 Parked without a permit view
02/04/2016, Maryland , MD Dk -6639 Dk- 6639 Parked without a permit view
02/04/2016, Maryland , MD DK-6639 Dk-6639 This person has no regards whatsoever.. Parked without a permit . view
02/04/2016, Austin, TX none GMZ 9741 This woman parked in a handicapped spot for almost a half hour during peak traffic hours. Also hav... view
02/04/2016, Clearwater , FL P72573D JDK0908 Woman pulled up parked displaying tag.. Did not pay for parking, got out and walked into store view
02/03/2016, Hickory, NC 15315244 15315244 Had a hard time getting to front door. Person doesn't have a sign or anything. view
02/03/2016, walnut, CA 009918f 6vkd639 it is the meter parking, I saw the young male driver coimng out, no sign of.disable view
02/03/2016, FORT WAYNE, IN none 38088B Black Guy late 30's Honda SUV color black no Placard Dealer Used Car Plate Park at HP Spot Do... view
02/03/2016, Los Gatos, CA No placard 7LDX105 Woman parked in a handicap parking spot without placard and/or handicap license. Woman was able bod... view
02/03/2016, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 428LZ 428LZ Huge off road vehicle with a very healthy individual that got out off and into the truck with no is... view
02/03/2016, Rockmart, GA TAE942 TAE942 I pulled into the Walmart parking lot with my 9 year old daughter, needing to get a few things that... view
02/03/2016, Camby, IN None Indiana White van parked in handicapped spot no placard view
02/03/2016, Hicksville, NY none CZU 1581 I've observed several times that this vehicle was parked illegally, sometimes in a marked handi... view
02/03/2016, San Mateo, CA 864077 F 5WCV188 Very able bodied woman stepped out and walked down the street. We live near a hospital and people ... view
02/03/2016, Terre Haute, IN 2947826 757AFZ Another repeat occurrence. view
02/02/2016, Montclair, NJ 0 0 Grey dodge charger with police plates parks on the ground floor of car park diem every single day t... view
02/02/2016, Ann Arbor, MI None DCL 8564 Large, overweight but very agile driver RUNS into Comcast office. No placard! Not on dash, on seat ... view
02/02/2016, FORT WAYNE, IN NONE RKL721 McDonald's white woman 60 yr old very fit active short gray hair multiple times park HP Spot Ch... view