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Best Selling Categories

We have the largest inventory of parking signs online and most signs are available for 1 day shipping. If you don’t find the right message, you can always create your own custom parking signs too.
  • Use company name, reserve a spot, or add regulations.
  • Communicate parking restrictions clearly.
  • Lasts 10+ yrs outside. Authorized 3M.
  • Find the official design for your state.
  • Organize and keep your lot safe.
  • Signs to supplement the primary message.
  • Drivers must know where not to park.
  • Drivers must know where to park, stop, or turn around.
  • Guests should know where to drop off their cars
  • Keep traffic moving with an obvious message.
  • Proven way to stop illegal parking.
  • Efficiently guide customers to delivery and take-away.
  • Elegant designs for upscale properties.
  • Prevent parking in drop-off and pick up areas.
  • Your logo at no charge. Durable for 10+ years.
  • Reflective for night visibility and MUTCD compliance.
  • Promote EVs and contribute to environmental protection.
  • Communicate parking payment instructions clearly.

Traffic Signs

  • Official DOT signs – same sold to cities.
  • Do not block. Stay off of our private road.
  • Protect drivers, kids, and people walking to their cars.
  • All sizes. Lightweight and LED options.
  • Can't miss these. 4' tall! Stock or custom.
  • Convenient & low cost way to transform a cone into a sign.

Parking Lot Management

  • Outdoor portable sign kits for with heavy rubber base.
  • Use again and again. Mark each spot.
  • 100% Recycled Rubber. Doesn't crack or fade!
  • Put an end to unwanted and dangerous speeding.
  • Easily take impact from vehicles and bounce back.
  • Available in Blue, Traffic Orange, and Safety Green.

Web’s #1 Manufacturer of Official Parking Signs

For over 100 years, generations of buyers specified and ordered our products. In fact, some of the very first parking signs in the US were made at our factory, and we’re still family owned and operated. Since then, we have grown to become the largest manufacturer and distributor of parking signs in the US.

While many others use lower cost materials and inks, we use the strict 3M Matched Component System as well as a clear 3M approved laminate. 3M Authorized means superior life – and signs that outlast graffiti and UV attack. Signs comply with the DOT MUTCD standards that now require reflectivity for parking signs in lots that are accessible to the public.

Original parking sign mold 100 years of making traffic signs 3M Parking Signs