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Our professional no parking signs are a favorite of buyers for local governments.
  • • 3M materials offer years of strength and durability, especially compared to competitors' fast-fading inkjet printed signs.
  • • Reflective signs comply with MUTCD regulations.
  • • Browse our best-selling designs below to get started.
  • • For more information, visit our - No Parking FAQs
Custom Signs are Best!
Custom Signs are Best!
Specific signs are proven to work best. Add your own company or address.
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Learn more about the resilient features of our aluminum No Parking Signs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We don’t have a mounting surface to install a No Parking Sign. What are our options?


We provide plenty of options to suit every requirement. You can choose one of the following no parking sign options that do not require surface mounting.

ConeBoss Signs: This is a plastic sign with an injection-molded shape at the bottom that fits over a regular traffic cone. Just place the No Parking ConeBoss sign on any existing cone you have and it’s ready! No installation required.

BigBoss Signs: Large, 2-sided and portable A-Frame signs for parking are available as ‘BigBoss signs’. These have wheels to move around and are sturdy enough to withstand strong wind.

FloorBoss Sign: This again is a double-sided plastic sign that can be unfolded and made to stand (in an A-shape) on the floor. Portable, lightweight No Parking Floor Sign has a handle cutout for easy carry.

Cone Collar Sign: Also known as cone sleeve, this PVC sign has the same message printed three times for 360° degree viewing. Again, no mounting surfaces required - just place the sleeve on a cone and it will sit on the neck of the cone.

You can also easily order sign posts or portable sign bases to mount your no parking signs if there’s no mounting surface on your property.

Q. I’d like to include a specific penalty amount on my no parking sign? Is that possible?


We provide plenty of Custom No Parking signs, for quick selection. You can customize a template to add a specific penalty amount for illegally parking in an area you don’t want anyone to park. You are free to add any fine amount and give a heads up against using your property to park a vehicle in an unauthorized manner. These templates also let you add your property name, contact information, custom hours, directional arrow, and much more for a personalized effect.

Q. How can I prevent the signs from fading for years after installation?


All of our reflective aluminum signs are laminated for superior resistance against fading. We use digital printing that has more life than any other printing method. Additionally, we offer you an optional POF laminate that protects your signage from fading, abrasion, graffiti, and UV. POF laminate from the brand 3M makes your signage look new even after years of outdoor use!

If possible, you can mount the sign where direct sunlight doesn’t fall on the sign face and reduce the risk of fading from sunlight.

Q. What are the benefits of Engineer Grade Retrofit Label?

Our Engineer Grade Retrofit Label can be applied to one of your existing aluminum signs or can be used alone on any surface too. Stick the label to a clean and dry surface using the adhesive backing to give a facelift to an old, faded or out-of-date sign. 3M Engineer grade sign becomes visible in the dark when light from headlights or flashlights hit the sign face. Printed using 3M MCS (Matched Component System) inks and films designed specifically for traffic and parking signs, the labels comply with DOT rules for parking lots and offer 7 years of outdoor life.

Q. Will you ship No Parking Signs to Alaska?

Yes, we ship to all states in the USA and internationally too. Shipping charges for international orders are charged as per actual shipping cost which may include import duty, custom duty, sales tax, VAT, and the shipping cost. You will be able to see actual shipping charges during the checkout process.

Q. Someone regularly blocks my dumpster by parking the car in front of it. Which signs can offer a solution?


You can try posting one of our No Parking Dumpster Area Signs. Messages like “Do Not Block Dumpsters”, “Unauthorized Vehicles Will be Towed”, “Dumpster Area No Parking Within [xx] Feet” can work in your favor and prevent unwanted vehicles from blocking your dumpster. For specific warning, fine information, and other things, you can also use this Custom Dumpster Rules Sign wherein you can add up to 12 lines of text.

Q. I need a sign that prohibits any sort of parking at all times. Is there an option?


No Parking Any Time Signs would offer great help. These signs are available with directional arrows to show where exactly the prohibition for parking is enforced. No Parking Anytime itself means parking at any time day or night is not allowed and you need not specify timings on your signs. It is implied that parking is banned 24 hours. Also, No Parking Anytime Tow Away Signs can be customized with towing information including the towing companies address and phone number.

Customer Reviews

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Nov 05, 2021

Custom 18" x 12" No Parking Sign : No Parking [custom text]
Part #: K-3111 18" x 12" Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign   Verified Purchase

Got it two days later!!!!! WOW!!

FAST and GREAT quality!!!!! thanks. I'll use again!
Man User Icon
Nov 04, 2021

Custom 18" x 12" No Parking Sign : No Parking [custom text]
Part #: K-3111 18" x 12" High Intensity Reflective Aluminum Sign   Verified Purchase

Nice signs

Signs look great!
Man User Icon
Oct 15, 2021

Custom 18" x 12" Tow Away Sign : [Custom text] Unauthorized...
Part #: K-3377 24" x 18" Diamond Grade Reflective Sign, 80 mil Aluminum   Verified Purchase


Great service!
Man User Icon
Oct 14, 2021

Custom 18" x 12" No Parking Sign : No Parking (red reverse), [custom...
Part #: K-3107 18" x 12" Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign   Verified Purchase

Great sign at a fair price

Great sign. I've bought over a dozen various signs from these folks and all have been perfect.
Man User Icon
Sep 13, 2021

Custom 18" x 12" Tow Away Sign : [Custom text] Unauthorized...
Part #: K-3377 18" x 12" Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign   Verified Purchase

Great Job

Besides looks great and came to me and Texas very quickly