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Choose the best parking wheel stops on the market. Resistant to extreme temperatures, ultraviolet light and precipitation, including ice, road salt and oils.
  • • Wheel stops are made from 100% Recycled Rubber car and truck tires. We stay eco-friendly, you keep your parking lot safe.
  • • Blue wheel stops are also available to help clearly mark handicap parking.
  • Rubber stops save you money! Studies have shown that over a 10-year period, concrete wheel stops could cost six times more than recycled rubber models due to cracking/maintenance issues.
  • • Rubber conforms to uneven surfaces and doesn't fade in the sun like plastic wheel stops.
  • • For more information, visit our - Rubber Parking Stops FAQs
Parking Stop & Bollard Guide
Take a look at some of the benefits of having wheel stops and bollards in your parking lot.
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Parking Wheel Stops

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are rubber parking wheel stops a better option than other materials?


Rubber is considered to be the premium wheelstop material by parking lot managers and insiders. Rubber parking stops are flexible and last a lifetime. Most parking lots are far from perfectly flat and even. Rubber wheelstops surfaces hug the asphalt and, unlike concrete or hard plastic stops, do not “pop up” over time. Rubber parking stops require virtually no maintenance and have a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

Q. How do concrete parking stops compare with rubber parking stops?


A 6’ concrete parking stop weighs 275 lbs. This requires heavy equipment (such as a Bobcat or forklift) to move and at least two people to install. Unless they are painted, concrete curbs can “blend into” your parking lot and have been often cited in parking lot trip and fall hazard litigation. Concrete parking stops also tend to spall, pit and chip over time – especially when subject to winter and spring freeze-thaw cycles. Rubber parking stops, in contrast, do not warp, chip, crack, crumble or corrode over time. They can be installed with just one person and come with contrasting yellow chevrons.

Q. How do plastic parking stops compare with rubber parking stops?


Plastic parking stops are lightweight, bright and easy to handle. Like rubber parking stops, they are made from recycled materials. In extreme heat, however, plastic parking stops tend to warp. They also do not conform well to curved or imperfect parking lot surfaces.

Q. How durable are your parking stops?


Our parking stops are made using a 100% recycled mix of natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber, which is compression molded to make a durable and more viable alternative to traditional concrete and plastic stops. These are designed to withstand extreme temperature variations, UV light, moisture, oil, road salt, and damage, and do not corrode, crack, crumple, or chip. Our chevrons are molded into the rubber and this makes our TireBoss a more durable alternative to competitors, which merely use reflective surface-applied tape.

Q. How do I install my parking stops?


Our parking stops come with pre-drilled 5/8"" diameter holes for easy installation. During checkout, you may choose between rebar spikes for installation on asphalt and lag bolts and shields for installation on concrete surfaces. Please view our excellent parking stop installation video.

Q. What do the different parking stop colors signify?


We offer wheel stops in yellow-black , black-white and blue-white contrasting color variations for maximum visibility. While yellow-black is most popular, our blue and white parking stops reflect ADA-compliance and communicate accessibility for the disabled. White is used for customers that want to match the color of their parking lot marking paint. White, however, is not as common for areas that have snow. Yellow provides better visibility in snowy conditions.

Q. Are your wheel stops visible in low light?


We have designed our wheel stops to attract maximum visibility during the day and as well at night. The stops feature reflective beads that are molded into the rubber.

Q. What are parking bumpers called?


A. These are also known as wheelstops, parking blocks or parking stops. These are the small barriers mounted at the end of a parking spot to keep a car from getting too close to a sidewalk or a wall. Typically made from concrete, recycled rubber or recycled plastic, wheelstops are generally 6’ long, 6” to 9” wide and 4” to 5” high. They are usually placed about 18” from the curb – but check your local building codes for detailed wheelstop specifications. Shorter or smaller wheelstops provide a lower profile and can help reduce tripping hazards. A six-foot wide wheelstop can be covered by the width of a car (a car is typically 6’ to 6.5’ wide).

Q. Do wheelstops need to be painted?


Wheelstops need to be conspicuous. Concrete parking stops should be painted in a color that contrasts with the parking lot. Rubber parking stops have bright chevrons to help minimize pedestrian trips and falls. Good lighting is also important.

Customer Reviews

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Sep 06, 2023

Rubber Wheel Stop, 6 ft. : TireBoss Parking Wheel Stop -...
Part #:K2-1018 4" x 72" Rubber Wheel Stop - Parking Bumper   Verified Purchase

TireBoss Parking Wheel Stop Review

The TireBoss Parking Wheel Stop seems sturdy and the reflective yellow strips feel like they'll stay on the stop and not peel off over time. I expect this product to do the job and last a long time.
Woman User Icon
Aug 09, 2023

Rubber Wheel Stop, 6 ft. : TireBoss Parking Wheel Stop -...
Part #:K2-1018 4" x 72" Rubber Wheel Stop - Parking Bumper   Verified Purchase

parking stops

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Jul 31, 2023

Rubber Wheel Stop, 6 ft. : TireBoss Parking Wheel Stop -...
Part #:K2-1019 4" x 72" Rubber Wheel Stop - Parking Bumper   Verified Purchase

Exactly as described

Exactly as described.
Woman User Icon
Jul 17, 2023

Rubber Wheel Stop, 6 ft. : TireBoss Parking Wheel Stop -...
Part #:K2-1018 4" x 72" Rubber Wheel Stop - Parking Bumper   Verified Purchase

Perfect length

I love it! I had a 2 ft bumper before, but it was so short that I had a hard time lining my car up correctly and bumping ît. 6 ft. is the perfect length.
Man User Icon
May 30, 2023

Rubber Wheel Stop, 6 ft. : TireBoss Parking Wheel Stop -...
Part #:K2-1018 4" x 72" Rubber Wheel Stop - Parking Bumper   Verified Purchase

Parking blocks for those who cant drive !

Tire boss seems to be of good quality, we are going to give them a shot and see where it takes us next..