Frequently Asked Questions


Exempt Certificate/ Sellers Permit/ Resellers Certificate
  • The "Bill to" Address on the order needs to match the certificate and or the business or the exempt organization.
  • Must have a Current Date Or cannot be dated more than 4 years
  • Must have a Signature
  • Company name and billing address must match exempt document for the ship to State *Our correct information is; Xpressmyself com llc DBA SmartSign 300 Cadman Plaza West, ste 1303 Brooklyn NY 11201
  • IRS letters are proof of “income tax” exemption, forms are needed from the State level for “sales tax” exemption
  • W9 Form are not proof of sales tax exemption
  • Letters from Government entities is acceptable depending on the State’ requirement
  • If you are using a GSA card- GSA website to verify which cards are exempt:
  • If the billing state is different from the shipping state, the shipping state must be tax exempt as well and that form needs to be provided. The payer on record/invoice must be exempt from sales tax in the State order is shipped to.
  • Purchaser must inform sales rep or customer service rep of exemption, even though there is a certificate on file.
  • A fully completed certificate with all required information must be received within 60 days of sale or shipping. Removal or refund of sales tax has a grace period of 60 days in most States.
  • Purchaser must pay sales tax if exempt information is received after the grace period.
  • If sales tax removal or refund request is rejected, customer can contact the ship to state for a direct refund request. See State’ Department of Revenue website for more information.
  • Invoices/orders must be paid with Exempt Organizations funds, if cash, personal credit card or personal checks are used sales tax must be paid.