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Stop Signs for Parking Lots

  • Stop Signs & Custom Stop Signs
Buying STOP signs was never so easy! They all look the same, yet are so different from each other in terms of their level of reflectivity. We have simplified your choices by segregating them on the basis of brightness, cost, lifespan, size, and material. Choose your favorite Stop Sign after carefully reviewing each of their features.
  • • Consider size while buying one of these products. Smaller signs have less viewing distance while larger ones can be spotted from afar.
  • • Bulk ordering is a smart way to buy signs. Prices decrease as you increase your order quantity.
  • • Not able to find what you’re looking for? Need a specific Stop sign? You can customize one with our pre-made templates.
Stop Sign History
Remember the yellow stop sign? Or cats eyes?
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BulletHigh Intensity Reflective STOP Signs
High Intensity Reflective STOP Signs

• Lowest lifecycle costs of all stop signs.

• 3X brighter than engineer grade stop signs.

• 10 year life – 3M warranty.

Size *Quantity/PriceOrder
Qualifies for Fast Ship18x 18$38.95$35.75$35.25$33.25$28.75
Qualifies for Fast Ship24x 24$46.75$38.45$35.45$34.45$34.25
Qualifies for Fast Ship30x 30$60.95$54.75$52.75$51.25$50.75
 36x 36$142.75$131.25$128.25$115.25$113.95
BulletEngineer Grade Reflective STOP Signs
Engineer Grade Reflective STOP Signs

• Traditional stop sign material.

• 7 year life – In practice engineer grade signs last more than 7 years.

Size *Quantity/PriceOrder
Qualifies for Fast Ship18x 18$32.45$28.95$28.45$28.25$26.25
Qualifies for Fast Ship24x 24$36.45$32.05$28.90$28.25$27.85
Qualifies for Fast Ship30x 30$47.10$42.05$40.90$39.90$39.20
 36x 36$90.40$85.35$82.95$78.95$69.70
BulletDiamond Grade Reflective STOP Signs
Diamond Grade Reflective STOP Signs

• Use for bright suburban or urban environments. Or, use for hazardous intersections.

• Great when the sign cannot be seen from a distance.

• 4X brighter than high intensity stop signs.
12 year life – 3M warranty.

Size *Quantity/PriceOrder
Qualifies for Fast Ship18x 18$54.75$50.75$48.95$45.25$44.25
Qualifies for Fast Ship24x 24$85.75$80.75$80.25$74.25$68.25
Qualifies for Fast Ship30x 30$113.95$113.45$108.75$102.25$101.25
 36x 36$166.25$164.25$159.95$147.25$134.25

* We offer other sizes of Stop Signs and many other designs. Only the best sellers are shown here. For a larger variety, click here.

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Customer Reviews

Woman User Icon
Oct 31, 2022

LED Stop Paddle : LED Stop-Sign with Staff,...
Part #: K-STOP-STOP-LED 18" x 18" LED Stop Paddle w/ Rechargeable Battery & Charger   Verified Purchase

Beautiful sign.

Loved the sign, bright red easy to assemble. Pole made it heavy but manageable.
Woman User Icon
Oct 20, 2022

Hand Held Stop Sign with Handle : Stop-Stop Double Sided Paddle
Part #: K-STOP-STOP-CP 18" x 18" Corrugated Paddle   Verified Purchase

Great signs!

Fabulous. Perfect for what we need them for.
Man User Icon
Oct 12, 2022

Reflective STOP Sign : STOP
Part #: K2-4958 36" x 36" High Intensity Reflective Aluminum Sign   Verified Purchase

Got it done

Shipping and product perfect
Woman User Icon
Oct 05, 2022

Hand Held Stop Sign with Handle : Stop-Slow Double Sided Paddle
Part #: K-STOP-SLOW-CP 18" x 18" Corrugated Paddle   Verified Purchase

Security Officer Aide.

nice sign. Thank you.
Woman User Icon
Sep 30, 2022

Hand Held Stop Sign with Handle : Stop-Stop Double Sided Paddle
Part #: K-STOP-STOP-CP 12" x 12" Corrugated Paddle   Verified Purchase

Recommend to any Crossing Guard

Love it.