Six Tips for Better Stop Signs
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5. Reinforce Safety with Stop Sign Ahead
Stop Ahead Sign
Retroreflective stop signs stand out, especially, at dusk and at night.
Make sure to give driver's plenty of time to react to the upcoming stop sign. There are many situations when such a sign is useful. Sometimes the stop sign is not visible for a sufficient distance. Install a Stop Ahead sign be in advance of the STOP sign.
Permanent obstructions causing the limited visibility might include roadway alignment or structures. Intermittent obstructions might include foliage or parked vehicles. Or, you may want to place additional emphasis on the traffic control device – even if it is visible.
Add Supplemental Signs
Stop Supplemental Sign
The ALL WAY supplemental sign may be used instead of the 4

At intersections where all approaches are controlled by stop signs, mount a supplemental below the stop sign.