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  • Sign Posts

Sign Posts

Browse our wide range of high-quality metal sign posts at the most affordable prices online. Install helpful signs at a fraction of the cost, with posts that will stay put for years. Compare prices and materials to find your best option.

• While you're here, take a look at our hardware and sign attachment accessories.

• Try reflective post panels or delineators to draw attention. Our square posts let you attach signs on all sides, great for a busy 4-way stop.

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arrowfirst 3' Posts
arrowfirst 4' Posts
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arrowfirst 10' Posts

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arrowfirst Best-Selling Posts

• Round, square & U-channel sign posts.

• Affordable prices and highest quality, guaranteed.

arrowfirst Breakaway Sign Posts

• 8' pole with a 3' base. Easy installation!

• Lowest prices online, for your convenience.

arrowfirst FlexPosts

• FlexPosts for asphalt, concrete & ground.

• Each of the 3 types have 360° of flexibility.

arrowfirst Portable Sign Kits

• Kit includes sturdy cast iron base and post with aluminum sign.

• Choice of parking messages available.

arrowfirst LawnBoss® Signs

• Pre-assembled. Just push the 3’ stake in the soil.

• Bend-proof aluminum signs outlast plastic ones.

arrowfirst Plastic Sign Posts

• Square or U-channel sign posts.

• No maintenance required. Great in all environments.

arrow right Sign Posts by Shape

arrowfirst Round Sign Posts

• Great for street signs.

• Timeless brackets & post caps.

arrowfirst Square Sign Posts

• Most practical sign post system!

• Square design for 4-sided signage.

arrowfirst U-Channel Sign Posts

• A wide range of heights & weights.

• Municipal-quality, low prices.

arrow right Sign Posts Accessories

arrowfirst Reflective Post Panels

• Fluorescent panels alert drivers.

• Install right below other signs.

arrowfirst Sign Attachment Hardware

• Attach to chain link or round parts.

• Or, project perpendicular to a wall.

arrowfirst Portable Sign Bases

• Cast iron, water-filled plastic or rubber.

• Wheeled bases easy to move.

arrowfirst Sign Post Installation Tools

• Post Pounder saves you time.

• Perfect for an installation crew.

arrowfirst FlexBollards

• Bends – but does not break. You save on replacement costs.

• Choice of six colors. Reflective strips.

arrowfirst Plastic Stanchions

• Easy to move, yet heavy enough to withstand wind.

• Choice of colors. Low cost plastic chain.