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Breakaway Sign Posts

Use a simple, but powerful support system for your signs. Use our breakaway system to easily set up, establish a hold, and remain strong even in tough clay soils. Convenient bolting process minimizes time and trouble on traffic-filled roads.

U-channel breakaway system posts are lightweight and durable. Available in 3' and 8' posts.

• We built our posts with reusability in mind. Rustproof aluminum lasts outdoors for years.

• Contact our customer service team if you have any questions about how the system works.

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  • Installing post with breakaway hardware could potentially save you thousands of dollars.
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Complete Breakaway System - 8' Post
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Complete Breakaway System with 8' Square Post
Complete Breakaway System - 8' U-Channel Post
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Complete Breakaway System with 8' U-Channel Post (3-1/16"...