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should be ashamed!

I am a father of twins with severe mental disability. We are being attacked by vigilantes from this web site that only look at the physical aspect of the disability community. We have been attacked since our stay in California. You are no different than any criminal. You throw hearsay to cause more trouble for mentally handicapped individuals, like my twin sons, who have to live with hatemongers like the ones who wrongfully attack innocent people. Just because someone doesn't look like they are disabled doesn't mean that they are. The mental handicapped community are the most abused because they are the least appreciated within the community. You who cowardly attack with paper saying that you wrongfully reported them because they may not have looked handicapped is no different than the Nazis telling the handicapped that Hadamar was a hospital facility. Have the courage to ask the people what their disability is before you report them. Stop being cowards! If you are accusing them of wrongdoing grow some courage and standup before them and face them!




Bobo.. Just for thought ..im disabled also I have a physical mobility which includes my lower extremities and I use walking aids around the clock I'm not degrading different types of disability my self I cannot walk around malls,parks matter of fact walking 100 feet puts me down ..the point I'm trying to make does your children walk ok can you enjoy a mall without walker,wheelchair we'll I can't when you. Park in a handicap spot it courtisitys (misspelled) to let mobility impaired people to use those spots now adays it just laziness my friends are pairalized try that for the rest of your life living in a wheelchair then bitch ..ted

some people with mental disabilities cannot safely walk through a parking lot without help as they may run off and are not able to watch out for cars. my state regs say 'cannot walk without the aid of...another person, etc.....it is true that some people with mental disabilities do in fact need the aid of another person to walk through a parking lot due to safety reasons...not specifically mobility reasons.\r\n\r\nthink about kids with autism that are 'runners' they wll run if someone is not holding on to them or physically blocking them. The less they are in a parking lot the better. I sure wouldn't want to be the driver who hits and kills them because they got away from the caretaker.\r\n\r\n\r\nthe behavior is in fact a type of mobility impairment.

You are not sitting in the car with your kids.  If you have no placard how is anyone able to tell why you parked there.  Nobody can read your mind.  If you need it for the kids then get it.  That way no one will have to GUESS and read your mind of what you think you need it for.  Time for some reality coffee....