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Date / Place Placard # Lic plate Comments Image  
02/23/2020, Brookhaven, GA P2222477 CLK9955 Person clearly isn't handicapped who walked out of this car. Top floor of the parking garage view
02/23/2020, Watertown, MA None 1hzp64 This car continues to park in a handicap spot and they do not have a handicap placard or license pl... view
02/23/2020, Philadelphia, PA 000000 KTF5103 Parked illegally in handicap spot. view
02/22/2020, San Jose, CA none 7COB643 Parked in handicapped parking without permit more than 12 hours. view
02/22/2020, Las Vegas , NV None VA M793 In front of the Goodwill view
02/21/2020, Austin , TX None MBV3923 Car parked in disabled parking without a placard. This is urgent care clinic and disabled patients ... view
02/21/2020, Lewiston, ID none N 165360 Parked in handi cap parking without a placard or handicap approved plates view
02/20/2020, Las Vegas , NV NONE LV XE84 Level 3 next to the elevator and behind space 3g view
02/20/2020, North Richland Hills, TX B06062654P HKX3482 Grey truck driven by Marti McCoy parked in handicap parking. Marti told a co-worker that her mothe... view
02/20/2020, Winston-Salem, NC none WXT1242 brunette Wake Forest School of Medicine or employee drives light blue Nissan Maxima. consistently p... view
02/20/2020, Bloomington, IN 3283933 992MHZ Lady whose mom died at least 6 months ago still uses her handicap placard view
02/20/2020, Las Vegas , NV None LV XE84 Parking level next to the elevator 3 behind space 3g view
02/20/2020, Odenton, MD None 6CK8310 Construction worker parked in handicap spot even though other spots were available in a condo where... view
02/20/2020, Sugar land, TX MSBA MSBA It was a black mercedes SUV parked in the handicapped reserved parking. The person was in his car w... view
02/20/2020, York, PA None Smitty9 No placard. When they guy saw me take the picture he said all you white people always against us. ... view
02/19/2020, Round rock , TX None HWT7609 No disabled plates individual rushed out to get some essentials form grocery story and quickly left... view
02/19/2020, Houston, TX B05405551R KTD2303 This person parked in a handicapped space and was obviously not handicapped view
02/19/2020, Goldsboro, NC None BKP-6215 No handicap flag but parked in handicap space. view
02/19/2020, Covington , WA None Bss4067 Parked in handicap with no permit on licences plate or in window. view
02/19/2020, Kennesaw, GA none 43HP889 no handicap pass view
02/19/2020, Riverside, CA no 7WZX946 she Doesn’t have placcard she always Parking there this place is Elementary School Myra Linn view
02/18/2020, San Diego, CA NA NA 10 handicap spaces all used without handicap placards - also, handicap spaces are not wide enough p... view
02/18/2020, Ballwin , MO 000000 LD7N8F This person is parked in handicapped spot with no sticker hanging in her car and nothing on license... view
02/18/2020, Grand Forks, ND None 959AGT White older van with cracked windshield. North Dakota License #959AGT parked in accessible lot behi... view
02/18/2020, Birmingham , AL LSE F06 LSE F06 Illegally parked in a handicap spot. Not handicap. Multiple times they have done this view
02/18/2020, Moscow, ID none none pulled into a handicap spot with no placard view
02/18/2020, Hoboken, NJ 9372HC 9372HC Vehicle has handicapped tags but they are not necessary for the individual using them. They are act... view
02/18/2020, Kent , WA N/A B74728U We have a disabled person on my family and we were looking for parking close to the apartment, but ... view
02/16/2020, St Louis Park, MN None EBS 076 No placard, told the woman it’s an accessible spot and she needs a placard to park there. She told ... view
02/16/2020, Houston, TX N/A GJR2221 Individual parked in handicapped spot and simply walked into the store. No handicap placard shown. view
02/16/2020, Traverse City , MI 5731941 ECG1519 This lady has been scamming the system. She is not disabled. She had surgery quite a while ago and ... view
02/15/2020, Bakersfield , CA N/A 8BES834 Parked on handicapped spot without permit view
02/15/2020, Richmond, VA N/a BAP9423 Parks in handicap spot over and over again with no handicap sign. view
02/15/2020, Greenville, SC None VT50411 Truck parked in handicapped spot 2 days and I did not see a place card or marked on tag, stating th... view
02/15/2020, Las Vegas, NV None 451K50 This car was parked in a marked disabled parking spot with no placard or disabled license plate. view
02/15/2020, Bakersfield, CA N/A 8B 5510 Parked on handicapped spot without permit view
02/14/2020, Houston, TX Unknown Kcj2246 This gentleman regularly parks in handicap spots at work. view
02/14/2020, Florence , SC None Rld286 Car parked in handicapped spot at post office. No placard. No handicapped license plate view
02/14/2020, Sparks, NV None 033XYB Gold Honda CRV. Parks in the handicapped spot everyday and is not handicapped view
02/14/2020, Florence , SC None Rld286 Person parked in handicapped spot in front of dollar tree. No placard. No handicapped license plate... view
02/14/2020, Monroe , NC 1111 FMZ- 6613 Parked in a handicapped spot because you know the parking space right beside it was too far for his... view
02/14/2020, San Jose, CA EL CHEEF EL CHEEF Car has no handicapped sticker and has been park here for hours view
02/14/2020, Los Angeles, CA None 6BOW986 Disregard for handicap parking regulations view
02/14/2020, Hanover, MD None RWT423 Parking in handicapped spot with no tag or placard view
02/14/2020, Los Angeles , CA None 8FDH130 Brazenly parked illegally and laughed when pointed out view
02/14/2020, Hanover, MD None 3dg5998 Parking in handicapped spot with no tag or placard view
02/13/2020, San Jose, CA EL CHEEF EL CHEEF This car sometimes use their spouse handicapped sticker to park at different places. This is call h... view
01/28/2020, Garden Grove, CA None 8JOU136 Parked in handicap spot without placard (medical building). Located at VW dealership. view
09/01/2019, Ann Arbor, MI C734 DVT 5679 This abuser, abuses the privilege of a temporary placard consistently. Her car is debilitated. Park... view