View recent disabled parking fraud reports

Date / Place Placard # Lic plate Comments Image  
06/10/2023, Keene, NH None 395 7277 Parked in a handicap spot no placard nor license plate view
06/10/2023, Newnan, GA None DUY238 Parked in Handicapped space view
06/10/2023, New hudson, MI O 6NBT42 Non handicap family at mc Donald’s w no plate or car tag view
06/10/2023, Reading, PA 00000 ESL4501 The person who lives at 1164 Green St had a handicapped parking mark put in maybe a year ago(not su... view
06/10/2023, Albany, NY None KVF 3100 No handicap placard nor license plate view
06/10/2023, newport beach, CA n/a n/a matte black range rover parked in handicap to eat at gracias madre restaurant view
06/10/2023, Matthews, NC 0 WOOOSH The Tesla car cut off another car with handicap tag and blinker on waiting for a handicapped spot, ... view
06/10/2023, Fontana, CA None LPED232 CA Illegally parked with out handicap placard. view
06/10/2023, west carrollton, OH n/a HNF6118 several people parking in spots without ability to do so. images attached. view
06/10/2023, North hills 91343, CA 0000000 8you528 Parked in handicap with no placard view
06/10/2023, Fontana, CA None LPED232 CA This vehicle was parked illegally in the handicap parking. view
06/10/2023, Pigeon Forge, TN NONE 774 BKDC Same Black Ford Focus that always is parked in handicap at The Lofts Apartments. view
06/10/2023, Daytona Beach, FL None 42D DIU Blk Lexus SUV view
06/09/2023, Plano, TX None STB-6760 Parked in a handicap without a placard. view
06/09/2023, Olympia , WA ? Cjb3003 At hotel view
06/09/2023, Durham, NC None HHW-5329 Car continues to park in handicap spot, many times over line view
06/09/2023, Houston, TX Red temp PMG5724 He leaves his vehicle in this spot when he leaves out of town. This is the second time. I also have... view
06/09/2023, Amarillo, TX None GPY2705 Lady pulled into Van Accessible spot in her Jeep . You can see the handicap stripes are visible . ... view
06/09/2023, Franklin , IN None T9478V Motorcycle parked in handicapped loading zone view
06/09/2023, Van Nuys, CA Pm KCTX94 illegal park view
06/09/2023, Newbury Park, CA 913, CA None 8WTD938 Aggressively driving through parking lot, then illegally parked in front of the Village Trader conv... view
06/09/2023, Everett, WA none AFP2100 This young man did not have a placard for the reserved handicapped space view
06/09/2023, Lancaster, NY No tag GXT 8737 Vehicle first pulled up and took up two handicap parking spots, and then after a few minutes, adjus... view
06/09/2023, Freehold, NJ None F40 FMB Woman parked in handicap spot. No placard or plate, so she could go in for her lottery tickets and... view
06/09/2023, Van Nuys, CA L1486122 07476J3 illegal parking in the handicap without the sing view
06/09/2023, Henderson , NV None NY-090-796 Electric Vehicle parked in a handicap spot with no placard to charge there vehicle. view
06/09/2023, San Francisco, CA N/A 8FQN391 Parking without disability view
06/09/2023, Stroudsburg , PA Ztf1872 Ztf1872 Black F150 view
06/09/2023, Norristown , PA None LVJ5471 This does not look like a valid handicapped parking placard. The vehicle owner refuses to show tag.... view
06/08/2023, Lakeland, TN H1-9000 CP26209 Illegally parked when other non-handicapped spots are open. view
06/08/2023, Odessa, TX Nzy7711 Nzy7711 Have watched these people for several months. Both seem to be young and healthy with a healthy child view
06/08/2023, Voorhees, NJ Mdlfxlr Mdlfxlr They park here every dayat 4:15. Plenty of other spots always open. view
06/08/2023, Union , NJ 0 Z23rvw Parked illegally on blue lines view
06/08/2023, Oklahoma City , OK 6-2023 UD7871 Black Nissan Altima temporary tag UD7871-000417 parked in handicap Parking spot without placard. My... view
06/08/2023, Brigantine, NJ None v30 MPY Handicap parking no place card view
06/08/2023, Alcoa, TN None BMV6521 Able bodied women parked in handicap spot with no placard or handicap license 6-8-23. view
06/08/2023, conroe, TX none nbl3846 Everyday, not tag or permit. view
06/08/2023, Fort Smith, AR none 629 TDZ Parked in handicapped space up close to store, clearly marked handicapped view
06/08/2023, Hunker, PA No placard LNN-6854 I was loading my wheelchair into my vehicle after appointment & blue vehicle pulled in to handi... view
06/08/2023, Oklahoma City , OK Nov 2023 MBD556 This car is parked in handicap parking without a placard. Black Honda Accord. My mom has a valid ha... view
06/08/2023, Brigantine, NJ None E29 RHF Parked in handicap space no place card view
06/08/2023, Durham, NC None HHW-5329 This car consistently parks in the handicapped spot at this address. They don't have a placard.... view
06/08/2023, conroe, TX n/a rkn8607 These two cars park daily in the 2 handicap spots available. view
06/08/2023, Fort Smith, AR none 208 YZY Parked in the handicapped parking. view
06/08/2023, Brawley, CA N/A none v 015355U I have a spot that I usually park in in the apartments I live in have her today there was another v... view
06/08/2023, Egg harbor , NJ None F55 LAW In handicap parking no place card view
06/08/2023, Scottsdale , AZ 8E4597 ALSTGRM run the placard number view
06/08/2023, Valley Village, CA no placard 9BKN289 Parked in "Reserved for Disabled" spot. Does not have placard when called on it. "Oh... view
06/08/2023, Fort Smith, AR none AGA 84J Parked in handicapped parking, clearly marked and with the yellow stripes present as well view
05/29/2023, North hills 91343, CA 00000 5yxm245 Parked in handicap with no placard view