View recent disabled parking fraud reports

Date / Place Placard # Lic plate Comments Image  
09/23/2019, Denton , TX None HCM 9399 Parked daily view
09/23/2019, Jefferson, LA 111111 999BZQ Always parks in handicap spot even though doesn't have handicap tag. view
09/22/2019, Chicago, IL 96717 N/A The woman that has this spot does not drive or have a disability. She got this so that her son alwa... view
09/22/2019, Greensboro , NC 0824 Ffj8407 We believe this person is using someone else’s handicapped tag , and their license plate doesn’t re... view
09/22/2019, Marysville , WA None Bqa7508 I’m handicapped and needed this spot view
09/22/2019, Stamford , CT NA JFD8912 Infiniti JX35 parked in disabled space with no placard view
09/22/2019, Tampa, FL Unknown EKZD30 This vehicle has been parked in the handicap parking spot for 3 days. I informed the parking garag... view
09/22/2019, Saratoga, CA N/A 6WRC122 This person refused to allow me to park in the handicapped space even after she admitted that she d... view
09/22/2019, Chantilly , VA T00486826 Ttttu It’s from 2015 it’s 2019 view
09/22/2019, Colorado Springs , CO None BUI-541 This person parks in the handicap parking several times a week and doesn’t have a placard or plates. view
09/22/2019, Colorado Springs, CO N/a N/a Red sedan parked in handicapped spot view
09/21/2019, Ankeny, IA None HON 627 Driver came to McDonald’s and parked in a handicapped spot, both hot out easily and could walk fine... view
09/21/2019, Summerville, SC None V10840 Two able bodied parked , no handicapped placard. view
09/21/2019, Conroe, TX 0000000 Dlf8637 Person is parked in handicap for 2 days in a row, does not have a handicap card or placard/tag numb... view
09/21/2019, Corona, CA 944708L 5HGL182 Vehicle is parked in handicapped parking almost everyday since June with an expired placard display... view
09/21/2019, Reisterstown , MD N/a Jhk281 Partially blocking the access lane view
09/21/2019, Torrance, CA None 7dvb410 Was comming from target and they had coffee in their hands i guess they need the space than a perso... view
09/21/2019, Frisco, TX In video N3ASON There were 4 people that came out of this car... none of them were handicapped view
09/21/2019, Cupertino, CA 8APZ290 8APZ290 Handicap fraud, no sticker on plates and no rearview mirror placard. view
09/21/2019, Hayward , CA None MNDY RN Even when there are other regular open spaces they still feel like it's their right to park in ... view
09/21/2019, Elkton , MD None 590454 Red Toyota Corolla parked in van accessible handicapped parking spot with no evidence of being hand... view
09/21/2019, Lancaster , NY None 376 NAB No handicap placetag nor license plate view
09/21/2019, West Sacramento , CA None TEAMTLE Two men parked their car in a handicapped spot for about 45 minutes. A young man was driving. He wa... view
09/21/2019, Dallas, TX 135 Fxy8441 Parks in handicap spots all the time view
09/20/2019, Aurora, IL 916 8165 916 8165 Black Hyundai Tucson parks here daily with no visible handicap placard. view
09/20/2019, Gilbert , AZ N/A CJW541 Car was parked in handicapped space for at least 15 mins while a woman got out of passenger seat to... view
09/20/2019, Tacoma, WA ARA6176 ARA6176 A non handicap person parked in a handicap spot in this parking lot. view
09/20/2019, Jacksonville, FL None JLL N10 Owner of vehicle pulled into space in front of me even though I showed intent with my turn signal.... view
09/20/2019, Baton Rouge, LA 335BIP 335BIP A school employee is parking in 1 of the 2 handicap spaces in front of school. This a.m. 2 familie... view
09/20/2019, Tampa, FL N/A LAKM02 Individual was parked in the lines adjacent to a handicapped parking spot. view
09/20/2019, Antioch, TN No placard 6r64e4 Parking in purpose knowing he has not handicapped ticket view
09/20/2019, Aurora, IL 916 8165 916 8165 Vehicles left then returned and parked in same location without handicap placard visible. view
09/20/2019, FONTANA, CA NONE 7TBB854 took picture of this handicap parking violator. I do not see any handicap placard nor does the 2 e... view
09/20/2019, huntington station, NY HZS6409 HZS6409 parked in handicapped and rest of parking lot was empty view
09/20/2019, Dallas, TX 162 GPC2500 Parks here every day view
09/20/2019, Buda, TX None Dhn 8163 Parked illegally view
09/20/2019, Reno, NV None Lt01600 No placard show. Clearly not disabled man. view
09/20/2019, Denton, TX JNY0562 JNY0562 Car is illegally parked in a handicapped parking spot at The Vibe Apartments in front of building 19 view
09/20/2019, San Jose , CA None 8ENB491 Non handicap car parked in handicap space view
09/20/2019, Merrick, NY No placard CBG 5980 Non Handicapped driver in handicap spot view
09/20/2019, huntington station, NY none FRJ6523 parked in handicapped--rest of lot is empty view
09/20/2019, Aurora, IL 916 8165 9168165 Vehicle parked in handicap zone with no visible handicap placard. view
09/20/2019, Dallas, TX 163 KWH428 Been parked there for days view
09/19/2019, Woodbridge , VA No placard VVJ-9820 Pulled in behind a vehicle to park in handicap space and person cut me off to back in with no placa... view
09/18/2019, Carlsbad , CA None Mylin??1 Lady in her 40s parked in handicap place and walked in the mall no placard in her vehicle her lice... view
09/18/2019, Carlsbad , CA N/A Mylin??1 Lady parked in handicap space and walked in the mall. I looked inside for a handicap placard and sh... view
09/16/2019, rochester, MN unknown unknown brooke heidecker is using her sons handicapped sticker to park where ever she wants with it view
08/27/2019, High Point, NC None FHY-1856 There is on handicapoed spot for this building that car has been parked in the spot all weekend. view
06/03/2019, Oakbrook Terrace, IL DF30302 ZZ82992 Guy supposedly keeps using mothers placard to park in handicap spots around town and @ work. He doe... view