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Date / Place Placard # Lic plate Comments Image  
05/23/2022, Charlotte , NC None 7339JT Constantly parking in the handicap spot .No placard view
05/23/2022, Marion, OH none Jod8557 Car double parked taking up two handicap spots and they don’t even have a handicap tag. view
05/23/2022, Fort lee, NJ X322886 X322886 Black car parked here illegally for hours. view
05/23/2022, Austin, TX None NCL 0682 It's a state parking garage that's used overnight. The individual has parked in a handicap ... view
05/23/2022, Charleston , WV N/A 2NE 912 This car continues to illegally park in the handicap spot at my apartment building. view
05/23/2022, Lansing , MI Egc8843 EGC 8843 Lady parked. Walked fast carrying 5 bags of groceries in one hand. Had no placard/pass. view
05/23/2022, Wyncote, PA NA GJW1280 Car is parked in handicap with no handicap sign AND is basically taking up two parking spots. view
05/23/2022, Lawrenceville, GA none CMF9055 Parked in a handicap space. No valid handicap plate or hangtag. Single occupant. Female driver is n... view
05/23/2022, diamond bar, CA unknown 8wuw075 illegally parked without handicap sign many times view
05/23/2022, Forest Virginia, VA N/a xer-5893 Park's here every day no matter what. view
05/23/2022, Lawrenceburg , TN 112 bbgz 112 BBGZ This burgundy corvette stingray, Parked in a handicap parking place, located at the Dollar General ... view
05/23/2022, Playa vista, CA 22 8ZND329 car parked without handicapped proof view
05/23/2022, Boston, MA None 4JSX21 Mercedes car parked in neighbors handicap parking spot. No placard/tag number. view
05/23/2022, Chula Vista , CA Na UWW3492 Parked and went into building with car running for 40 mins view
05/23/2022, Saint Paul , MN None HRK 363 White VW parks everyday in Handicap spot. I’ve never seen a permit view
05/22/2022, Montebello, CA N/A 8UUV025 Neighbor constantly parks in handicap designated parking without a handicap card, neighbor is in go... view
05/22/2022, South Gate , CA None 6GCD556 Does not have a placard. view
05/22/2022, Commerce, GA SEN262 SEN262 four young men without handicap persons parked in the handicap spot as well as littered on the park... view
05/22/2022, Tumwater, WA none DENS TA parking in a handicapped spot without a placard view
05/22/2022, Lynchburg, VA n/a UBD-4480 Able-bodied person parked in a handicap space with no handicap plate or placard. view
05/22/2022, Baton Rouge, LA n/a 46993 Person driving this vehicle is able bodied and physically fit. I believe they are using this tag il... view
05/22/2022, San Diego, CA . 7tyv395 Parked in handicapped parking and a another vehicle with handicap plates had to park somewhere else... view
05/22/2022, Malibu, CA 23 9AFJ244 There was no parking so this family parked on the handicaped spots view
05/22/2022, Miami, FL NONE GKB-V65 Black Jeep Laredo SUV parked in handicapped parking spot in front of Big Lots store view
05/22/2022, Hickory Creek, TX None Pdx1480 A very able body late 30s early 40s male walked into Starbucks, stood in line waited for his multip... view
05/22/2022, Katy, TX N/a Mhr8215 No handicap placard or license plate view
05/22/2022, Springdale , AR None AES 56A White pickup truck parks everyday in a handicap spot view
05/22/2022, Cedar Rapids, IA KTV 504 KTV 504 I witnessed this woman pulling into the parking spot. I walked up to the car and didn’t see any per... view
05/21/2022, durham , NH 7696mn 7696mn Parked in handicapped spot with no handicap sign or plate view
05/21/2022, West Chester, OH FB9257 Fb9257 No handicap person parked in a handicap parking space view
05/21/2022, Dublin, CA N/A BF02Z29 Able bodied person, with no handicapped placard parked in a handicap spot. view
05/21/2022, Camby, IN None BOSS 2 Parked in handicapped over two spots view
05/21/2022, West Chester, OH N/a Fb9257 Black Honda parked in handicap space he knows we have older person who uses that space . view
05/21/2022, Marietta, GA RUT8059 RUT8059 The car was going to park in a spot in front of Target and someone else parked in the empty spot so... view
05/21/2022, Springfield , PA KRW6371 KRW6371 Caucasian male driver, mid 40s, parked in handicapped space and went in to shop at WalMart. Normal... view
05/21/2022, daly city, CA No placard 5FML165 This car has been parked in the spot multiple times won't last 3 months. The handicap spot is b... view
05/21/2022, Goleta, CA None 7XFN503 Keep parking in handicap spot over the last few weeks have no placard and are not disabled. This is... view
05/21/2022, CLERMONT, FL Without TDE6531 It is a white Audi SUV, it parks every night in the disabled parking lot, with regular spaces avail... view
05/21/2022, Camby, IN None BOSS 2 Parked in handicapped over two spots view
05/21/2022, Piedmont , MO Non Non Having a yard sale in handicap parking view
05/21/2022, Goleta , CA None 8RLR644 This person parks in a handicap parking spot everyday and does not have a placard and is not handic... view
05/20/2022, Westbury, NY None T745247C Person is parked on the "no parking" dashed handicap parking lines. He is also parked acr... view
05/20/2022, Tulsa, OK JKV396 JKV396 He doesn’t have a disabled parking but parking in one view
05/20/2022, Virginia Beach, VA UNL9813 UNL9813 misuse of handicap parking space for 20 minutes view
05/20/2022, diamond bar, CA unknown 7pwh001 this car and other one, lexus white occassionally park on this handicap spot without handicap placa... view
05/20/2022, Las Vegas, NV N/a JOCAI This person is parked in a handicap spot illegally with no placard. view
05/20/2022, Goodyear, AZ 595058Z ARY9071 The person using this tag has no disabilities. Parks in front of the Dollar Store & walks into... view
05/20/2022, Spring Lake , NC BEP 4008 I am a handicapped person and this truck is always parking in the handicapped parking. He is not a ... view
05/18/2022, Conyers, GA WGG097 CMJ1389 vi When I returned to my Wheelchair accessible van after shopping, I could not get into my car because... view
05/12/2022, Concord, CA N/A PBX1AJ I watched a man pull into a handicap parking spot right outside of Trader Joe’s, whilst blaring his... view