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Abuse Of Handicapped Place Card

My sister has a handicapped parking place card. SHE IS NOT DISABLED!!! She has NO problem getting in and out of her car & walking long distances. She is just lazy!! I don’t understand how she got a doctor to sign for it. The fact is; She is now driving around town with a suspended drivers license. I AM NOT DISABLED but I think it is UNFARE that she is taking a handicapped parking space from someone that truly needs it. I do hope someone does something about this.




The one thing that will stop this kind of abuse is one little sign on the handicap wearing sign beside the fine amount.\r\nIt is two words "Video Enforced"\r\nHave you ever noticed that 80-90% using the handicap spots are not even crippled?\r\nThey are always looking around when they enter or exit the vehicle.\r\nMore and people are also using it as the McDonalds or Starbucks Valet Parking\r\nor as a way so their car doesn't get scratched.\r\nWhat upsets me is that the Government has spent billions ( mostly retail owners) on this only to have these low class\r\nabuse the system.

Maybe one day she will find what she's looking for. At least a ticket