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Handicapped fraud..ways to fix

I saw a woman park in the handicap parking, she jumped out of a car today and run for the elevator I was getting on. She actually works at my company. I believe that she is using someones hanger, \r\n\r\n[b]The law should require a picture on the handicap hangers[/b] so people could see if it belongs to the person driving the car. I know that I drive sometimes handicap people and use the hanger to get them to and from the doctors, I have never used it for my self and I think if your that lazy to abuse the right of handicap people you should get a fine that will remind you never to do it again. I reported my co-worker to management.




Sound like she's projecting her handicap maybe one day , maybe one day she'll be confined to a wheelchair...

misery loves company? Why would you wish bad things on people?

I wish the US would adopt the UK's practice of having a physician sign off on the issuance of a government-issued "blue" card (with a photo) proving that the cardholder is disabled. People have to show their blue card to get discounts and privileges that are reserved for the disabled in the UK.