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To me it's called lazyness

My name is ted ..I have a mobility handicap I must use walking aids 24 Hours a day .Im not knocking diabilties it's called courtisy I see a lot of people that might have disability a my question is are the capable of walking (malls ex..) without a walking device if they are why are the parking in handicap spots. Is that pure lazyness or they thing that it is owed to them. If your a cheat hope to see you in a wheelchair the rest of your life. A lot of my friend are in chairs,use walkers have respect..




DO YOU FOLLOW THEM AROUND THE MALL? I sometimes use handicap parking at the mall and ususally don't use a moblity aid. I go to the food court and leave or I stop and rest. That does not mean I am walking around the mall. Handicap parking is not just for people with mobility aids. At department stores and supermarkets, I use the shopping cart as my aid.\r\n\r\nYOU NEED TO HAVE RESPECT FOR PEOPLE WITH 'invisisble' disabilities.\r\n\r\nFor instance, I stopped at the mall food court for lunch one day...I went in, ate, and then returned to my car...on the way, my leg gave out 2x. I got in my car and had to rest my head on the steering wheel before I could drive away...yet some idiot on a Harley was shaking his head at me.\r\n\r\nAND TO THE OWNER OF THIS SITE: JUST BECAUSE YOU SEE A RED SPORTS CAR ZIP INTO A HANDICAP SPACE AND THE PERSON HOPS OUT DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT THE SPOT IS BEING MISUSED. Did it ever occur to you that the person is PICKING UP the person with the disability and is there for legitimately using the spot. Some of the evidence presented here is outright ridiculous...since when does working 40 hours/week mean a person is not physically disabled?

I'm not knocking anybody these events happen like yourself shopping carts help me also..a lot of time I see happy go lucky walking healthy as can be . My option paste the license plates they give you on the car to me it's saying I'm only part handicap but I can be handicap if I want to ..if your handicap advertise it

At least you can work. A job

Sure....I can't even make it around a small section of my house..others just fuck it

You could good for you

If your working that amount of time ,,,stay out of those spots

Ted , one to wish ill on others is not nice and shows bitterness. Two if you saw me you would think I'm a faker. I'm 28 I look pretty , because I've tried really hard that day . Next to me is a black lab mix with purple vest on it says medical alert service dog. She is on a special short lead and is gently tugging to the side as we come in the mall. You think she is being bad. Really she isn't , she just restablized me, she is like my cane but better she knows just how to move. Not only that she knows knows when I'm getting vertigo or about to have a seizure. I sit down to take a break then my boyfriend and I continue on as well as I can. I just came in from a hannidcap space. My service day Penny alerted just outside that I'm dizzy and need to sit soon to be safe. I have Chiari and a syrinx . I have survived brain surgery , Lyme ,mengitis and will probably need spinal surgery soon. But to your eye I'm fine .