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Stop parking on the ACCES AISLE.

I am seeing a lot of people with placards parking signficantly on the ACCESS aisle....some of them i know for sure do have the placard legitimately--so they should know better....if you need extra room on a specific side of the car..BACK INTO the space so that the side that needs the room opens onto the access aisle. There is one location where the access aisle doubles as a walkway from the lot to the building and the person had the nerve to park half on it...so there was no room for people to get by with shopping carts. Not only does that person have a disability, but works in the disabiilty services field. She should know better.\r\n\r\nAnd the 2 I see do it regularly do not need extra room on either side-they do not use any mobility device or need any extrs support to get in and out fo the car.




They need that extra space so they don't take the chance of getting their NEW Cadillac dinged! If you have ever noticed that those parking spot hoarder's usually have the NEW high dollar automobile/SUV/Truck!