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You don't know me

I would like to tell the person at the post office in Billings Mt. that you had no right to put your hands on my vehicle to place this offensive sticker on my car. You do not know me, nor do you know what my physical abilities and limitations are. Just because I am not in a wheelchair does not mean that I am not disabled and do not have need for the handicapped placard that was authorized by my Dr. For your information not everyone that uses handicapped parking is in a wheelchair but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be able to utilize handicapped parking in order to conserve energy to complete our activities away from home. As far as I'm concerned this is a close minded individual that needs to keep their hands off of other people's property. Until you have spent time in my body and lived with the excruciating pain that I suffer with 24 hours a day because of multiple diagnoses then keep your opinions to yourself and keep your hands off of other people's property.




amen to that

Sorry to hear you are suffering but the spots need to be used by people that have major handicaps. If you can walk out of your car and walk into a store, you have a minor or temporary handicap. There are families out there with far more serious handicaps that have to put their children of elderly in a wheelchair and need those spots.

embadman, serious??  So just because I can VERY SLOWLY walk to the store means I have a minor or temp handicap?  Have you ever lived with Ankylosing Spondylitis?  Dextroscoliosis? No?  Well, I live with the pain everyday. Just because you think someone "appears" normal doesn't mean that don't have a legal right given by the state to park in the handicap space.  I sued someone for violations of the ADA because of this very thing.  Be careful before you decide to play judge.

So DW it begs the question WHY DONT YOU HAVE A PLACARD?  I got one when I broke my ankle.  Just ask the doc and they will give you one.  I have enough shrapnel in my body to set off metal detectors at the airports.  I have had several reconstruction surgeries for parts of my body.  It sounds like you are grand standing and really want some attention.  How about you just man up or shut up...I did my therapy and now get around ok.  I don't mind walking the extra 10 feet because I am glad that I can at all.   Part of me would love to have violators have their cars crushed while they watch.