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Think before you judge!!!

To the person who felt the need to put one of theses asinine stickers on my car at the Heights Walmart in Billings yesterday...you have no right to judge me just by looking at me! You have no idea what my disability is and just because I can walk from my car doesn't mean I am not disabled or have some sort of disability for which my doctor approved a handicap placard. Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me and endure the pain I deal with on a daily basis THEN feel free to judge me! Better yet next time confront me in person rather than put some chicken sh#t sticker on my brand new car ! I guarantee it will not be a pleasant experience for you and you will think again before you put another one of your stupid stickers on another person's vehicle!




did the same thing to me at the same wall mart

The handicap spots are for physical disabilities and you will get a sticker and will be reported. Expect a large fine in your mail. There are other's that need that spot that can't walk out of their cars like you! Think about it.

I f people could walk a mile in your shoes they wouldn't need handicapped space would they. After all walking 200 feet or less is the standard. hahaha!