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Abuser needs to be stopped!

I have a co worker Georgina Garcia 57 years old and not at ALL HANDICAPPED, who got a handicapped placard from an elderly man who does not drive. She has been using this placard for the last 3 years and still has one more year of use. I have reported her abuse in this website and plan to report her until she stops using it. She parks within 20 feet of her classroom\r\n(She is a teacher in Miami Dade County at Kenwood K-8 Center) . We have gone out to restaurants and amusement parks in Orlando and she brags about the fact that she parks in front of the place "because she can". Then proceeds to ride every roller coaster in the place and dance the night away in heels! It is despicable to say the least that she does this without regard to real disabled persons needing the space. She does it because she is lazy and would rather not walk the extra 50 feet. I hope the people in charge of this website take this report seriously and at very least take it away from her and issue a citation fro the years of fraudulent use.




Good for you! It has become habitual abuse around here too. It's good to see people stand up and do something about it.