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Making Life a Little Easier For those with a Permanent Disability

We are living in a country that professes equality to all its citizens irrespective of color, gender or physical ability. Maybe that is why [link(_blank):http://www.dol.gov/dol/topic/disability/ada.htm]The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)[/link(_blank)]The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was heralded as "the world's first comprehensive declaration of the equality of people with disabilities." The Act lays down explicitly that no discrimination be made against people with disabilities in employment, transportation, public accommodation, communications and governmental activities. Are all of these followed? Looking ahead with hope and light I would like to believe that yes indeed American citizens and organizations make no discrimination in all areas of life against people with permanent disability and offer all possible facilities to make life easier for them.\r\n\r\nBut what happens when a loved one who has been blessed with a perfectly functioning body meets an accident at work and ends up becoming permanently disabled without any fault of their own? This post is all about you and your loved one experiencing that sudden change in your life and how you should deal with it to make life easier and this new adjustment more comfortable for your loved one.\r\n\r\n[b]Taking Care of All the Basics First[/b]\r\n\r\nAn accident is one of the most traumatic event a person can face in his life. And when it occurs at your place of work and results in a permanent disability, it feels like life has taken a nasty turn for you. In such a difficult time your partner, spouse, parent or child is going to need your support and reassurance the most. Be unconditional in your love and care, but first and foremost put all the basics in place. This would involve providing the best possible medical resources for a speedy recovery, a therapist to deal with the psychological effects the accident has on the victim and [link(_blank):http://picardilawfirm.com/practice-areas/permanent-disability/]an expert and committed permanent disability benefits lawyer[/link(_blank)]an expert and committed permanent disability benefits lawyer to get you the best possible settlement. There will be colossal financial expenditure involved for the treatment. To add to that that there will be wages lost, much mental and physical trauma endured by the victim and his family members. A good attorney will understand your predicament and use his expertise to secure you justice and prevent you from the exploitation of the powerful employers.\r\n\r\n[b]Providing with Interesting and Involving Sources of Income[/b]\r\n\r\nOne of the most frequent yet dangerous outcomes of such traumatic incidents that lead to permanent disability is a feeling of perennial isolation and loneliness. You must do all you can to prevent this feeling from creeping up in your beloved. An essential and feasible way of doing this is by keeping them active and involved and making them feel that they are still capable of doing all that they did earlier. Think of ways that they can still remain employed and earn their own money. While the ADA states that employers make job accommodations for employees with disabilities, as a loved one you can use this opportunity to involve them in a form of employment that they love and couldn't do earlier due to time constraints but can do now. If your loved one has lost his legs but is a good painter, have an in-house painting class for children. It will keep him/her occupied, involved and interacting with the most vivacious human beings-kids. You know your loved one best, think of such fun and interactive ways to keep them busy.\r\n\r\n[b]Making Them Feel Safe and Secure on the Roads[/b]\r\n\r\nAll the noise, the lights, the speeding vehicles and the teeming [link(_blank):https://www.mainroads.wa.gov.au/usingroads/pedestrianscyclists/Pages/PedestriansCyclists.aspx]pedestrians and cyclists[/link(_blank)]pedestrians and cyclists on the road can be very intimidating for someone who has recently experienced such a traumatic accident. Ensure you provide them proper mental and physical support in the busy streets and see to it that their vehicles, their wheel chairs are in perfect functioning condition and they are comfortable in it. At the same time take them grocery shopping or for other important daily chores in places where there is delegated spots for parking for physically handicapped. Gradually introduce them to driving again (if they have not lost both their limbs) and accompany them to public places like gas stations. Self-service gas stations have individuals delegated to pump in gas for your loved one when they see he or she is physically disabled. However, develop a friendly relationship with your nearest gas station person so that if required they can help your dear one in your absence. Do the same with the grocery personnel in your neighborhood grocery store. Be on warm terms with them too so that if ever your loved one needs something in your absence and cannot go out , the grocery store delivers the essentials at the doorstep.\r\n\r\n[b]Thinking of Entertainment Options Keeping Them in Mind[/b]\r\n\r\nA disability does not close your doors to entertainment, life and enjoyment. Remember this and never let your loved one forget it either. There are many entertainment and relaxation options for people with a permanent disability. People with a disability in USA have free access to national parks and forests throughout the year. Take your loved one to soak in the beauties of nature. Many hotels in the country also have special recreations and facilities for people with disability. Travel local or travel abroad. Go for dinners in comfortable restaurants over the weekend or whip up in a storm in the kitchen making your loved one's favorite dish and watching a classic maybe. The idea is to keep the happiness and enthusiasm alive in their lives.\r\n\r\n[b]To Conclude[/b]\r\n\r\nA disability, a mistake, a loss, a grievance, all of these grey, dull, unhappy aspects of life start looking a lot better and life seems a lot more sunny and cheerful when there is someone you love and cherish next to you. So put in that little extra bit of effort to add a little more cheer, happiness and love in your dear one's life.