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I report then?

Hi, Thx for this site. What I don't understand: I report it to you, then what happens? Also, is there some way of finding out who owns the placard & if it is genuine? If so, how? thx Inventing Joy




Nothing happens, and you can't find out who owns the placard as that is none of your business. This site is a ruse. Reporting the person's information to this site doesn't mean anything. This guy is running this site solely for donations. I'm sure he gets a ton base on the content and how emotional people get over this issue. The problem is, when you see someone getting out of their car and they have a proper placard, you can't really tell if they are handicapped based on just looking at them. You have to give them a medical examination, oh...and it's also a good idea that you be a doctor. So, if you're not a doctor and you haven't given the person a medical examination, then who are you to judge? \r\n\r\nMy wife has a tag. I use it when I drive her to the store. People that are handicapped also do drive themselves. Otherwise, what would be the point of the plate? Anyway, she is what I believe most people consider young at 40 years old. She is not a quadriplegic. She can walk.....slowly. You can't tell by looking at her that she is disabled other than the fact that she is overweight. The problem with the scenario of someone looking at her in a parking lot and trying to tell her that she's not handicapped and shouldn't park in that spot is that person is not a doctor, they don't have a mobile x-ray machine to see the various metal parts in her back, and I'm 6'3 & 230lbs and wear size 11 shoes. Stating such would be ill advised. My shoe up your ass would not feel good I'm guessing. She is not handicapped because she is overweight. She is overweight because she is handicapped. \r\n\r\nYou see, when you are 34 years old and you have a degenerative spinal disease which causes you to not be able to hold your new born baby, play with your kids, make love to your husband, take walks for more than a block, and do pretty much any other normal thing a 34 year old woman would be doing, you gain other fun issues like depression. When a person can't exercise because of the pain and damage that would cause, and that person eats to fill the void of having to feel like an 85 year old at 40 they tend to gain a little weight. \r\n\r\nI guess the moral to my story is that all of you people on here should be ashamed of yourselves. You're a bunch of self righteous assholes who have absolutely no business calling people out in public. You're not doctors and have no idea what that person is going through. Also, just because someone is parked in handicapped and doesn't have their tag up doesn't mean they don't have one. I have forgotten to put ours up several times. You should not be confronting these people in public. You should not be messing with their cars, or putting stickers on them. We need our car. If someone broke it because they assumed my wife isn't worthy of a placard then we would be screwed. I couldn't go to work. She couldn't go to her doctors appointments. We would lose everything. Medical expenses are piled up and the last thing we need is to pay a bunch of money to fix our car because some asshole thinks they know better than the 5 different doctors my wife sees. You should not be putting their vehicle plate information on the internet, and especially on this site. This guy is in it to take donation money for a cause that he cares nothing about. You are all being duped by a fraud on a supposed fraud website. If you want to contact the fraud directly, go here:\r\n\r\nRegistrant Name:Mike Birdsall\r\nRegistrant Organization:\r\nRegistrant Street: PO Box 25\r\nRegistrant City:Lafayette\r\nRegistrant State/Province:California\r\nRegistrant Postal Code:94549\r\nRegistrant Country:US\r\nRegistrant Phone:+1.5103854714\r\nRegistrant Phone Ext: \r\nRegistrant Fax: \r\nRegistrant Fax Ext: \r\nRegistrant Email: [email protected]

All you can do is contact your coal authorities and ask them to look into it. Every State and County are different