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Disabled NOT.

A woman who had a surgery in January 2013 had a placard for her recovery period because it was an organ transplant. The other night I looked at my window to find her kicking the crap out of a wood gate on her property. She is unhappy with the gate and has issue with the tenant that lives above her. This woman is no longer disabled if she can karate kick a gate multiple times and also run!! She considers that blue curb near her apartment to be HERS. Any other vehichles there that are not hers have had the windshield wipers ripped off. One 80+ year old woman across from me had this happen to her twice! An elderly gentleman on the other side of my building had it happen as well. It is clear that this woman no longer is disabled from the liver transplant because she can run, kick and weild a hammer. What can be done to have her placard stripped?




And where is your medical license from? I have ms and can have an attack in extreme temperatures that can leave me unable to feed myself for two weeks. Stop practicing without a license. You can't see illnesses. And there are sometimes when I can hammer and kick. Other times I can't walk one time around Walmart. Do we have to supply letters from our doctors? Oh yeah, we already did to her the handicapped sticker. How did our population get so ignorant?

If you can't see a problem, it must not be that bad. I am confined to a wheelchair and I am tired of morons abusing my rights just because they are too lazy to walk.

To Pwc the MS person.  My condolences, but you should surrender your driving privileges - problem solved.