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Reporting the person's information to this site doesn't mean anything. This guy is running this site solely for donations. I'm sure he gets a ton base on the content and how emotional people get over this issue. The problem is, when you see someone getting out of their car and they have a proper placard, you can't really tell if they are handicapped based on just looking at them. You have to give them a medical examination, oh...and it's also a good idea that you be a doctor. So, if you're not a doctor and you haven't given the person a medical examination, then who are you to judge? \r\n\r\nMy wife has a tag. I use it when I drive her to the store. People that are handicapped also do drive themselves. Otherwise, what would be the point of the plate? Anyway, she is what I believe most people consider young at 40 years old. She is not a quadriplegic. She can walk.....slowly. You can't tell by looking at her that she is disabled other than the fact that she is overweight. The problem with the scenario of someone looking at her in a parking lot and trying to tell her that she's not handicapped and shouldn't park in that spot is that person is not a doctor, they don't have a mobile x-ray machine to see the various metal parts in her back, and I'm 6'3 & 230lbs and wear size 11 shoes. Stating such would be ill advised. My shoe up your ass would not feel good I'm guessing. She is not handicapped because she is overweight. She is overweight because she is handicapped. \r\n\r\nYou see, when you are 34 years old and you have a degenerative spinal disease which causes you to not be able to hold your new born baby, play with your kids, make love to your husband, take walks for more than a block, and do pretty much any other normal thing a 34 year old woman would be doing, you gain other fun issues like depression. When a person can't exercise because of the pain and damage that would cause, and that person eats to fill the void of having to feel like an 85 year old at 40 they tend to gain a little weight. \r\n\r\nI guess the moral to my story is that all of you people on here should be ashamed of yourselves. You're a bunch of self righteous assholes who have absolutely no business calling people out in public. You're not doctors and have no idea what that person is going through. Also, just because someone is parked in handicapped and doesn't have their tag up doesn't mean they don't have one. I have forgotten to put ours up several times. You should not be confronting these people in public. You should not be messing with their cars, or putting stickers on them. We need our car. If someone broke it because they assumed my wife isn't worthy of a placard then we would be screwed. I couldn't go to work. She couldn't go to her doctors appointments. We would lose everything. Medical expenses are piled up and the last thing we need is to pay a bunch of money to fix our car because some asshole thinks they know better than the 5 different doctors my wife sees. You should not be putting their vehicle plate information on the internet, and especially on this site. This guy is in it to take donation money for a cause that he cares nothing about. You are all being duped by a fraud on a supposed fraud website. If you want to contact the fraud directly, her is his info below. Search his name or phone number on google. You'll find several entries for other sites he has had with titles such as elderlyfraud.org and notosteroids.com. He picks these site names because they are hot topics in social media, then he creates a website which a donation button and he gets tons of free money! Where is that money going? To help update this site? It's horrendous! This was created in 2006 and has the appearance of a site from 1996. Anyone can post without moderation, and without forcing email confirmation. None of your information is going anywhere to help any cause, and your donated money is just lining some snake oil salesman's pocket.\r\n\r\nRegistrant Name:Mike Birdsall\r\nRegistrant Organization:\r\nRegistrant Street: PO Box 25\r\nRegistrant City:Lafayette\r\nRegistrant State/Province:California\r\nRegistrant Postal Code:94549\r\nRegistrant Country:US\r\nRegistrant Phone:+1.5103854714\r\nRegistrant Phone Ext: \r\nRegistrant Fax: \r\nRegistrant Fax Ext: \r\nRegistrant Email: [email protected]




I appreciate your opinion and the time you took to write this post. Thank you for expressing yourself so well. \r\n\r\nMy brother in law is severely handicapped from birth with CP, and my wife has one of those "unseen" disabilities, so we do in fact understand. \r\n\r\nThe site was created almost 10 years ago to help make handicapped spaces available for those people who need the spaces. Too many people are parking in these spaces who either don't have a placard or are using someone else's placard. We were frustrated by the fact that all the handicapped parking spots were taken, so we created the site to help awareness. We have provided reports to different public entities at their request but doubt they have done anything about it. So all we can do is hope the awareness will guilt people in not parking in these spaces if they aren't supposed to.\r\n\r\nEven though we have banners and offer the post-it notes, we make little to no money on the site. We developed it and paid for the programming and graphics. The post it note fee pays for the printing we fronted. We do approve all abuses before they go live, but we don't have any way to confirm the alleged fraud.\r\n\r\n It isn't perfect, but we did something about a problem we felt was important. The next time you can't find an open handicapped parking space and see a car parked without a placard or someone parking with a placard and running inside ask yourself what you could do to help the problem. We did and built the site.

But what about when you KNOW the person--and you're 100% sure they are not disabled? I'm in that situation, someone I know uses a disabled placard they received legitimately eight years ago (following an accident and some broken bones). However, they're LONG SINCE recovered and work 12-14 hour days, 6-7 days a week ON THEIR FEET as a nurse. There's not even a remote possibility that they're disabled, yet they use the placard at places like supermarkets and concerts and amusement parks and fairs, so they can park close to the entrance...and then spend HOURS walking around.

Fine - then tell your wife to lose some weight and stop using the placard.  You are abusing an entitlement.  You will be monitored, filmed and documented and the information will be furnished to the authorities for prosecution.  Placard abuse is out of control and you are now guilty until proven innocent when you present a placard and appear otherwise unimpaired 

I'm not saying this site is a fraud but the number 1 thing to do is call the cops. I always call if someone does not have a placard.I always walk up to the vehicle and check to see if there is a placard that they may have forgotten to place up.  I am handicap with a service dog. I don't look like I am handicapped and have been confronted and had the cops called on me before. Just to get out of bed in the morning I take more meds than anyone should have to.  The best time I ever had the woman confronted me and said she called the cops. When he showed up he ran my tags seen they were for me and proceeded to give her a stern talking to. She will never decide who is and isnt handicap again. There are way to many invisible illnesses to count. Yes some Dr's are way to quick to give someone a placard but that is on that Dr and the person that then uses it. They will get what they deserve in time. 

    I am guilty of forgetting to put my placard up a few times. 4 in 8 years. Most often if I'm with someone else and I forget it in my purse. On those occasions I've been lucky to not get a ticket but had I gotten one all I would have had to do was go to the police department and tell them I had forgotten to put it up and it would be dropped. I called to ask after the 1st time I forgot. 
  Also being overweight and lazy is not a handicap but being handicap can lead to being overweight and lazy. Meds can cause you to gain weight. I've got the best well defined arms of all my friends but the rest of me is slightly overweight after being on a med that made me put on 20 pounds.  Thank god I'm off that but unfortunately losing the weight will never happen unless I starve myself.  Please don't make assumptions about anyone else. It just makes you look bad. Have a good day