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you can't see ms or five open heart surgeries

I am sick of getting hateful notes on my car from people who think they can look at me and diagnose me as healthy when my neurologist has seen my MRIs and diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis. Want to see my limp. Or my daughters scars from five open heart surgeries? Can you say marfans syndrome? Hey you take the diseases and we will be glad to let you have our handicapped stickers. Stop impersonating a doctor and practicing without a license.




well said

Thanks so much for this, I am in my 20s and i get abused on a regular basis for parking in a hadicap spot. I have a heart condition which is not visable thank you for articulating this issue.

I understand. But when you see someone all the time parking in handicap at a golf course playing 18 holes 3 times a week it’s time to investigate