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Get Your Facts Straight!!!

I got a note on my truck a few weeks ago that my husband I had been "reported" on your website. It also included some obscenities. We have disabled veterans plates on our vehicle (his), and I have a placard. When we are together we do not put up my placard because a "DV" plate is the same thing as a handicapped plate in TX. I have been confronted by "do-gooders" way more times than I would like to mention. Most memorably we were shouted at while taking my husband's service animal into the vet for surgery. If it wasn't a bad enough day for him, that was icing on the cake. My husband walks with a cane and an obvious limp and still catches hell from uneducated people that do not realize that DV plates are the same as handicapped plates in our state. I glanced over your list and found that several people have reported vehicles simply for having DV plates in TX. \r\nNow onto my issue with your site. Not everyone with a placard is in a wheelchair. Some of us have invisible illnesses. I have arthritis, and there are some days I can't walk very far. It is a chore for me to get inside the store and into one of those humiliating scooters. I am 25. I don't "look sick". When I tell someone I have arthritis I usually get a snarky response or an eye roll. I have been stopped and harassed in parking lots. It is hard enough for someone my age to have to use a placard, it gets ten times harder when I am forced to deal with ignorant people all the time. I am sure you all had the best of intentions when starting this site, but all you have done is make it harder on people like me and my husband. Also, if you get nothing else from this please at least do Texas veterans a courtesy and take down the complaints stating that someone with "DV" in their license plate number parked illegally. If they are in TX and they have DV anywhere in their plates they are entitled to park in ADA spots.




I have had rude, nasty ignorant notes on my car twice I have HCPT license plates on my car, and not a placard hanging on my mirror. The gist of the notes are "you don't look handicapped" I wish I'd see them face to face because my comment to them would be "you don't look ignorant, but its clear that you are. I have been disabled since 2 top surgeons destroyed the cartilage on 4 of my ribs and then to correct it, I had to have the cartilage sawed off my spine which makes 4 of my ribs floating, meaning they're no longer connected to my spine. I have good days and bad days and I never ever take the closest HCPT spots. But I do take the 3rd one when my day isnt going well. I may walk into the establishment ok but I stop and sit, but sitting makes it much worse. I don't last long and when I get home it's ice packs and narcotics to manage the severe pain. I have an implanted pain pump which drips morphine and bupivicaine in my spine on a continual basis.\r\nI also carry nitro glycerine because of a heart attack I had. I am also on social security disability because the damage is permanent and not fixable. My plates are permanent. If my surgeons, my pain clinic doctor and the state say I qualify, then I qualify. On good days (which are few), I don't even use close spots, but if I NEED one, I use one.\r\nThere are days when I walk into a place and without notice, my right leg goes 100% numb and I literally need someone to hold me up to get to my car. Thank God it's my left leg which makes it so I still have a leg to drive home with. Some people seem to be on a crusade and are doing their version of vigalante justice. I agree there are frauds out there, but don't judge me because I look ok on the outside. I can't even pick up my grandbabies to hold or cuddle them. I can't hold a baby for more than 5 minute. and my life isn't what it once was.\r\nI'm blessed because I can still walk, and I know I'm lucky in that respect. Many have it so much worse than I do and I pray for them, but it's nobodys place to judge.\r\nI think this is a great thing, but some are taking it to a level that's out of control and they act like the parking lot police. If you see an abuser or aren't sure if someone is legitimately handicapped or dont have a placard or plates, call the police-let them handle it and research if the owner of the placard or licensed car is actually the one using it. You may be humiliating someone who's disability isn't obvious. Just because someone wears tall heels, that's not proof Their disability could be a serious heart condition or other issues. \r\nI even had an instance where my husband took me to the hospital for yet another surgery and we parked up in the 3rd spot and I walked in, When my surgery was done, he walked alone out to the car so he could pick me up at the door and he was yelled at because he went out alone to get the car because the hospital requires the nurse to wheel me out and I couldnt have walked to the car safely. That was clearly ignorance. Had they hung around, they would have seen me being lifted into the vehicle.\r\nI wish I was back to pre-surgery condition, but that'll never be. So, for the remainder of my life, I have a HCPT plate and a placard for the truck that doesnt have the plates and I also use it when my daughters take me somewhere-that placard is legal to use in ANYONES CAR, as long as I'm with the car it's being used on.\r\nJUst e responsible when taking pictures and posting things. Unless you are actually that persons doctor, you're ASSuming they're abusing the privaledge.

Cari, I apologize for not addressing your husbands issue. I'm ashamed of the vigalante justice, or injustice going on here. I first want to thank your husband for his service to protect our freedoms, and it seems he paid a high cost. Anyone with "disabled Vet" should be treated with the up most respect, and not the harsh judgement. Those plates aren't given out to just anyone that says they need one. He had to prove his disability by showing what his issues are. He has my respect and gratitude. I pray he gets treated properly, and on top of that, people should all thank him when they meet him and not harass him.

To Cari from Texas:\r\n You should realize that most states do not allow out-of-state handicap placards or license plates alone as proof of handicap eligibility when parking in a spot. What I mean to say, another way, is that in California for example, Texas handicap plates alone do not allow y9ou to park in handicap spots. According to the DMV, the owner out-of-state vehicle is or placard owner is required to get a California permit from the DMV before parking in handicap spaces, and pay the required fee of course. Other states do require the same thing. Your ignorance of the law, doesn't make you RIGHT. You are the one violating the law, and rather than spend 20 minutes getting the proper permit, you are spending time running your mouth on a website, claiming to be right, without knowing the facts. Sad!

Sillynana, if the only people posting here were doctors, the site wouldn't exist. That makes no sense at all! The facts are that the majority of cars with handicap placards are being used illegally ,especially in certain areas where parking spots are at a premium, like in the downtown Los Angeles Garment District and Runyon Canyon and in congested tourist areas. That fact alone makes this site essential. When a young couple poking like Ken and Barbie get out of a new Escalade and the driver is walking a 120 pound Great Dane, its pretty safe to say that he's not handicapped. How can a handicapped person man-handle a huge dog like that and walk up a steep hill to a jogging trail? They're decked out in the latest jogging attire, no less. The driver is clearly not handicapped and when confronted, all he could say was that we should be going after worse criminals. The audacity and self-centeredness!

"good_citizen" for someone who likes to accuse people of being stupid, you are pretty stupid. Where did I violate the law, and how am I ignorant of the law? I stated that having DV plates gives my husband and other veterans with DV plates the right to park in TEXAS! I also stated that people (like you) who are ignorant of Texas laws have made many false claims on this sight about TEXAS veterans using TEXAS parking spots. We have all of the proper permits you tool.

Does your DV tag also have the international symbol on it? Mine does. And my state (VA) says it has to for me to park in a handicapped spot.They also have DV plates that do not have the international symbol on it.

I love the vigilante parking police. Best action is to ignore them. I for one have an invisible disability. I will not succumb and get down to their level. 

I am sorry you all are experiencing the rude behavior. Please thank your husband for his service! To the others in this thread, praying for all!