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For the Common Good - Stop the Abuse

You people who are here complaining about being snared unjustly, need to realize that "it happens", but you must realize that 99% of those caught are legitimate violators and its for the common good. After all, sometimes people get convicted for murder and are later cleared, etc, but those are very rare. By far, there are places in Los Angeles where violaters are everywhere and they need to be stopped. For example, in downtown LA, in the garnet district of downtown, all of the spots on the street are full every day with handicap placard cars. I have stood and watched and 90% of those cars are there every day, day-after-day, which tells me they work there in the area and there is NO WAY that all of them are handicapped. Also, in the Runyon Canyon area of Hollywood Hils, where people park to walk 1/2 mile up a steep hill to get to the exercise park, the street is full of handicap placards. Literally a sea of red and blue placards! People stepping out of the Porches and Mercedes in fancy sports attire looking like Ken and Barbie to go jogging! COMMON SENSE tells me that not all of them are handicapped, if any! This is the problem with the young generation of self-absorbed narcissistic people is that they don't even feel this is wrong as long as it benefits them. Disgraceful attitude.




You can be DMV handicapped and still work. So your first complaint makes no sense. Can someone in a wheelchair work behind a desk? Probably.

The jig is up for the fraudsters.  We are documenting, filming, questioning and reporting them.