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Do something better than post so called violators here, call the police instead

I'm shocked at the gall of some of these posters. I'm sure when they started this website they were trying to do something good, but posting peoples license plates could potentially be dangerous for the person that owns that car. One of the "placard violators" had his car keyed, now who's the criminal there? & I'm sure there have been violent confrontations as well, who are y'all to decide who's the violator. Why not contact the police & let them handle it. By posting it here, if they are in violation, nothing gets done. Not everyone who has a placard looks disabled. There are disabilities that cause struggles to walk that are not visible. I agree there are a lot of fraudulent placard abusers out there, but who are we to decide who is handicapped? There was actually a comment earlier that compared placard fraud to murder, really?? I have a relative who who's father was murdered, for somebody to make that kind of remark, what ignorance! I have numerous spinal issues and a chronic lung disease that makes it hard for me to walk long distances, but by looking at me you would not be able to tell. Fortunately I've not had anybody confront me yet, but I'm sure it's going to happen eventually. and I pray when that does happen I will be able to explain calmly why I have my placard and I would gladly handed it over to walk without pain or without breathing issues.




The police don't care. The police have been caught several times parking in ADA spots. By the time the police get there, the violator has either left the premises or they don't do a thing. I've seen the police go into a school where there was a car parked illegally in a handicap spot, and just very politely asked them to move. No ticket, no fines, no lectures.. Nothing. It's pointless to call the police unless they are actually going to enforce it.

I understand what you're saying, but frankly, its good enough for the violator. I wouldn't do it, nor would I encourage it, but there are a lot of strong feelings about these inconsiderate, self-important people that have no regard or respect for physically disabled people, especially Veterans that may not even have some limbs. If its like here in Falls Church VA, home of the suburban Federal government employee whose middle name is entitled, the city and county police claim they don't have enough staff. Yet at the Tysons Mall, the mall management removed all of the handicap spaces, and put half of them back 6 rows further back while giving an entire front row to police cruisers. Sometimes people reach the point the feel there is no law and take it in there own hands. So while it is unfortunate the violator was keyed, it may not have happened if they had not violated the handicap law.

Weazy, you would be illegal in OR. The law says that you qualify if you can't walk 200 feet. I AM a MD and CAN tell if you can walk 200 feet. So can most adults. Those who really DO need a card should be the most aggressive in persecuting/prosecuting violators. I would suspect that well over half of those I see parking in a blue lot do not meet criteria. For lots of folks, knowing that there ARE people who care and WILL report is enough to make them more careful.

More than half the time the violations are for folks using dead grandpa's placard.  That fine should DOUBLE for that.  If they have no tag, hanger or plate indicator all we know are they are parking where they shouldn't.  I am always amazed at the sheer number of entitled, lazy people there are out there.  Honestly, are you so lazy you can't walk a dozen more feet?  FYI as a VIP for our neighborhood watch the cop calls are triaged into a few priority levels.  The top ones like violent crimes, they will come running.  A Handicapped violation will be pretty low on the priority.  Always take a pic of the plate and a pic of the car from the side to show them in the space and if there is no placard.  If there is a placard try to snap it too with detail.  People will hang altered placards and try to change the date with a sharpie.