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SOME disabilites are invisible -please only report actual FRAUD

SOME disabilites are invisible -please only report actual FRAUD. \r\n\r\nThis site will lose its credibility and dilute the value is has for reporting fraud and abuse if people just "think" someone is fraudulenly using a handicap placard. If someone has an invisible disability, such as a brain injury or back injury where symptoms my not be visible to an outside observer, then their VALID handicap placard could mistakenly get reported.\r\n\r\nI havd both brain and back injury... on good days I may not park in a handicap spot, or I might... depends. But I'm still 100% permanently disabled. I may be able to get out of my car , walk into a store and within 5-10 minutes of slow walking, my back will start to spasm. Also, my memory is REALLY BAD, so I often cannot remember where I parked, so even if my back is fine on a certain day, I may "lose" my car; so if I at least know I probably parked in a handicap spot, I can reduce the number of places I have to look for it.\r\n\r\nAlso ... I cannot lift objects over 15 pounds, or do any repetitive bending or twisting... to PREVENT back spasms. So, I will often need assistance from others to deliver packages to my car for me. \r\n\r\nSo please be careful no to misjudge people based on casual observance. I have been reported and stopped by parking enforcement officials to prove I am the rightful user of my permanent handicap placard. While I waz glad people werw enforcing handicap parking, I was also embarassed, because people looking at me being questioned ASSUMED I was guilty of fraud. My neighbors saw this and it was embarrasing, because rather than come to me and ask my side of the story, they continued to assume I was guilty... all because I was falsely accused and THEY were too cowardly to come up and get my side of the story. Also, its a privacy issue, I don't think its anyone's business but mine and my doctor WHY I'm handicapped. I shouldn't have had to go through that because I just happened to be walking upright without limping that day.




You would be illegal in OR. Brain injury is not a reason to not walk. Losing your car is not a reason...most people forget where they park-that's why your remote opener tells you where your car is. If you park in OR, you are illegal. Simple. Back pain is not a qualifying characteristic. In fact, medical science tells us the best thing you can do for your back is to use it. You'd be better off to park in the farthest spot and get some exercise. THAT's the science. That doesn't mean you have no pain. Or even really BAD pain. It's just the law.

Actually a brain injury can be a reason not to walk FamilyDoc. And maybe her car is older and doesn't have a remote. I have Chiari and syrinx among other issue my brain has been injured, my balance is messed up. Some days not as bad as others. Also my syrinx is destroying my spinal cord and causing back pain. So using my back is not the best idea. I am also being tested for tethered cord occulata and EDS more conditions you shouldn't push . how do you know Fem doesn't fight some of the same . I also have seizures. Would you tell my service dog and I we don't deserve our handicap spot? My drs did tell me to exercise IN A POOL where I can't fall and the stress is off my joints . I meet the conditions as I can't walk more then 200 feet unassisted . I also have a spinal injury technically. My parents also have on because of my dads heart and knees. And my moms near death sepsis that also took a good amount of her balance . Want to tell me they don't deserve their's either?

Nope, sorry folks, the invisible handicap canard no longer flies.  Guilty until proven innocent when it comes to entitlement abuse.  You avail yourself to the privilege of an entitlement like food stamps, parking placards, etc,,,  you prove you have a valid disability and you prove your disability does not impair you from driving safely.