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please report rather than Abuse people- some disabilities are not visable.

I am in my 20s and i get abused on a regular basis for parking in a hadicap spot. Just because you can not see my diability does not mean it does not exisit. I have complex congenital heart disease and have had 7 open heart surgeries and suffered 2 stokes. some days are worse than others and I get tired very easily and I have oxygen at home. Some days I do restoritive yoga as advised by doctors for light exercise, so please dont yell at me that im clearly fine, you have no idea of the struggle that takes. this seems to be a common problem. I may look like your average girl but people need to have some respect for people and not assume I'm doing the wrong thing. I'm teriified getting out of my car that i will be screamed at by some person who thinks they are a medical proffesional or a 'good citirzen'\r\nIf anything hopefully this site will encourage people to report it if they feel a placcard is being misused and not abuse people as it really is upsetting to be called horrific names I have even been pushed by a grown man. Please just let the person be and then if you feel strongly report the issue and the DMV will see that they are infact legally and rightfully using that placcard. \r\nyoung girls can have disabilities too just FYI




Miss I would not dare hurl verbal abuse at any person parking in an HC space, nor would I ever advocate anyone do that. Anyone who does so not only doesn't represent the views or goal of this site, they are a horrible person.\r\n\r\nI joined this site when I was still a medical student due to a series of incidents at the hospital I work in. I'm now in my final year of residency. My medical training gives me an interesting coloring on the subject: I can spot most "invisible" disabilities fairly easily, but I also have a enough sensitivity to people's feelings such that I would rather let a faker go about their business than dare accuse an innocent. As such, I personally following a very strict code on who I report to this site. I only report cases that have very high certainty, like when a person has no placard or tag and RUNs into the store, and is gone before police could have possibly have arrived. Or when I know the driver and they outright tell me it's not their placard. For example there was a social worker that parked in one of the hospital's spots and when she hung her placard up, she said to me (unprompted), "It's for my son." Her son was not in the car; he was at home. I rarely report drivers I don't actually know unless I see them repeatedly parking the same spot and I either happen to know their medical history (because they are patients) or I observe them for long periods of time where I get a good feel of their general mobility. It's not a mere "they walked too fast" It's when I see them do something obvious like running on a treadmill at a gym for a half hour or enter/exit their convertible by leaping over the door for 5 days straight.\r\n\r\nI will say that doctors can and often do submit HC parking paperwork for people that should not have them all the time. They are my peers but I feel their kindness is being abused. One of the big examples is autistic children: This is NOT a legal reason for placard except in Virginia or New York. This is a very sticky subject because technically this IS a legal placard, but it is still HC parking abuse because it's an improperly issued placard.

I understand what you are saying not all disabilities can be seen. I have had both knee replacements and I do have a Handicap card. I only use this when I have a long way to walk, I also notice people who abuse a handicap parking space, but I never say anything to them simply because just because I can not see the disability I am not a Dr. and I have no idea if this card was issued to them. People can become unpredictable and I do not want to be attacked. While on the other hand if I see a person park the car in a handicap parking place and has no Handicap card how do I report this when they are in and out of the store before Police can get their.\r\nThanks

Oregon law requires a potential handicap card owner to not be able to walk 200 feet. There is no provision for "its too hard" or "it makes me too tired" or "it hurts but you can't see it" or "PTSD". That's the law. If you can walk 200 feet, and you park in the blue space, you are violating. I don't know about other states. But those with cards should be the MOST sensitive about violators, since they are the ones that get hurt by violators.

@dillypop You are mistaken about Oregon law concerning handicapped placards/tags. I'm not sure why you would give out false info like that.