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I fish in Washington state at a handicapped wheelchair only area. Just recently they paved the path to the WC fishing area and paved an area big enough for 4 HC parking spots with level wide compliant access isles. People that use actual wheelchairs that could really benefit from these spaces still park in the mud beside these spaces because the guys that have hc placards who walk down the river for miles and stand in the freezing water for hours opt to take those 4 spaces as opposed to taking the regular spaces that are always open and way closer to where they're actually going. These same guys have 4 wheel drive trucks that I can roll my chair under with out ducking my head. How do you fight this. It seems Wa issues a handicapped parking placard to anyone over age60 or that has gray hair. The other great thing about people in Wa is they think a HC placard gives them the right to pard in front of curb cuts and on access isles. If you tell them they can't or if you roll up to the car and say how can I get off the sidewalk with your car there the say they Dont know or care but they have a HC parking permit and they're not going to move.




Sounds like what this site was made for. \r\n\r\nHere are the criteria for obtaining a placard in WA:\r\nhttp://www.dol.wa.gov/forms/420073.pdf\r\nIf a person possesses a placard and does not meet at least one those criteria, they are either a fraud or they have a fool for a physician. Yes, doctors sometimes are "too nice" to their patients and will sign the form for them even when they do not meet any criteria. Often it represents a lack of spine on the doctor's part or an inappropriatly close relationship. When a doc signs for a member of their own family, it is overtly unethical.\r\n\r\nIf you choose to report such drivers on this site, I would suggest you be as certain as possible. For example it is better to report people you have seen multiple times on different days that you have watched for a prolonged time or that perform some physical feat proving they have no mobility impairment (i.e. jogging or running for long distances, or walking >1 mile without resting or any signs of distress).

Will be very easy to find people on the river that meet that criteria , because they all walk a long ways and stand on the bank or in fast moving water for hours.