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Can't post on web site

Any idea how to use this site? I've filled in all the blanks except for the picture, checked the terms of use, kept word count under 250, and still get a message telling me I haven't completed something. I'd like to participate in this but its not much use if I can't post.




sorry, i am not sure why u are having a hard time posting.

same thing is happening to me

Spouse of Handicap org founderI saw a YT video of the above subject line. They were taking pictures of placards and license plates to see if it matches. What happens if the placard owner was riding in his friends car. Does he loose his placard and get a misdemeanor? Does the driver, handicap friend, get a ticket for parking in the spot? 

Handicapped / Disability Plascard can be transfered from any car to car legally as long its a Valid, Non-Expired Permit and the DISABLED person is in the car at the time the permit is being used. Nonprofits can also use the handicapped permit as long as one of their passengers have a disability and is in the van at the time of using the permit. - (Michigan) This law varies from State to State.

**Its against the law to:  

1) Loan your Disability plancard to another person 
2) Knowingly use a disability plancard that has been canceled or replaced 
3) Use a Disability plancard or license plate when the disability no longer exists 
4) Use the Disability plancard or License plate of a deceased family member 
5) Copy alter or forge a disability placard or license plate. Report violations to the local police. Penalties may include fines as high as $500, Towing, Storage Costs, Court Costs and up to 30 days in jail. 

**Penalties and Laws vary from State to State

I just spent 15 minutes on a post and it said "error."  Hmmmm...