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Address and Phone number

Does anyone happen to have a list of numbers or email address of each state where we can contact to get information on disabled placards owners? I work for a University and have confiscated dozens of placards being used by students fraudulently. The problem our office is faced with is that we have out of state students and we have no way of identifying who the placard belongs to. In the state of Florida, their Drivers License is on the placard so it's easy to check the date of birth. If anyone knows any identifying marks on a disabled placard of another state, please post it so we can update our files. Thank you.




Each Handicapped permit has the LAST 3 or 4 Digits of their Drivers License. Along with their Birthdate which MUST match the Birthdate on the Drivers License / State ID. Imprinted with black marker on both sides of permit. EXAMPLE:  John Doe License #D-234-778-112-442 on a Permit it would Read "D" for Last Name and last 4 numbers of Drivers License: D-2442 OR D-442. Birthdate 12-12-1980 (12/12/80) Under MICHIGAN law the person who's name is on the permit MUST be in the car/truck at the time of parking the car. 

**Its against the law to:  

1) Loan your Disability plancard to another person 
2) Knowingly use a disability plancard that has been canceled or replaced 
3) Use a Disability plancard or license plate when the disability no longer exists 
4) Use the Disability plancard or License plate of a deceased family member 
5) Copy alter or forge a disability placard or license plate. Report violations to the local police. Penalties may include fines as high as $500, Towing, Storage Costs, Court Costs and up to 30 days in jail. 

**Penalties and Laws vary from State to State