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I was surprised to see there were no entries for Maryland that i could find in this blog. I am really irritated by the lack of concern from the officials here in Howard County Maryland. I have contacted several agencies including the police who have informed me they cannot issue citations to abusers because it is on private property. The owners of this private school property have been informed several times about the abuse of the handicap spots. I have been required to walk across the parking lot of the school because the owners informed me they have no control of the parking areas. The rules for parking have been issued in their student handbook, but even they don't follow their own rules. Unfortunately when you have a disability that is not visible like lupus or heart disease people think you don't have a right to a handicap spot because you dont look like you are handicap (what gives anyone the right to judge whether someone is handicapped), even though you have a legitimate placard. I have even had parents become extremely belligerent when I inform them that it's not right for them to park in the handicap spots even though they are just dropping off their children. I truly wish that the officials of the county and the staff of this school would obey the laws of the ADA and there own rules and assist handicapped people by accommodating as they are required to do. If any of these people would even think who these disabled people could be (military, family member, neighbor) maybe they would have a little more consideration.




You're not that far from me. I too have noticed the enforcement is very poor on anything that's private land, in fact I rarely see a citation issued. It's also very common for people to abuse the system by using other people's placards or be issued placards for medical problems that don't qualify because the doctor is spineless (or being bribed). That's really why this site was created, to shame violators since law enforcement can't or won't catch them.

Howard county police are VERY quick to respond if you call them! And they can and will help you deal with it. And there are MD reports as I do them periodical . I live in Savage and have an invisible disability and service dog. And in school you are still protected by idea act so if they don't help you the can lose federal funding.