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Los Angeles

To the one that posted on the 20+ people who park on the street in LA, I agree that fake tags should be turned in. However, just because the handicap is not evident to you, doesn't mean it is not there. I park there. I do so because I have had surgery on both knees, and will need to do so again in the near future. By the time I get home after walking at work all day, I have to ice my knees. \r\n\r\nI legally have my permit to park there. Posting my information on this page was just plain ignorance. Who else do you judge without knowing any facts? I Could get nasty here, but I won't. You did it for the right reason. However, that does not excuse jumping to conclusions. Every person there could be legally handicapped in some way. I finally got a temporary after years of living with the pain.




I was just about to post about this and I live in MD! You need to be careful when posting. I only post cars with NO tags or cars with expired or obviously modified placards or no placards. Other then that I leave it because I have an invisible disability I can be walking fine one min. And in 20min need my cane or walker . So to the dude in Cali get the stick out of you rear end. You can't see inside of us !!!

Sorry - but the invisible handicap canard no longer files.  You are guilty until proven innocent.