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Ridiculous! Someone left one of your notes on my car. I have a legal handicap tag. Although, I have no viable "disabilities" my spine is fused and it's difficult for me to walk at time. Who are you to judge me? I think it's incredibly rude and judgmental of you to leave this paper in my car! There are maybe 20 or more spots where I park and many cars with OUT and handicap tag or license plate. Why single me out?




I couldn't agree more. Fake tags are an issue, but the self-appointed do-gooders are just rude and offensive.

Don't be angry o theperson who put note on your car. You should angry to those cheater. It is all because them so you get this note. In California, all city meter parkings and subway parking spots are already occupied by cheap persons using thier grandmom's handicap placard. this causes the person like you cannot find a convienet spot when you need one. So do not blame self-appointed do-gooders. That is not rude nor offensive. With them, this world can be better.

Sorry, but a fused spine just doesn't cut it, lady.  If you can walk to and from your car normally then you are suspect - period.  If your condition is such that it severely impairs you then you should consider surrendering your driving privileges because you may be endangering the public on the road.

The abuse is now so rampant that you can expect more notes on your car.  That is obviously ineffective, however, as you simply whine about it.  From here on out I suggest you just anticipate being filmed and documented and, if deemed a fraud, your information will be provided to authorities who may prosecute you.

Peyton Manning has a fused neck. Maybe he deserves a placard, too.

FlyingFrank and CynL, Liba is legally allotted that parking spot. She is following the law by displaying her placard and has the backing of her doctor's recommendation. So yes, a fused spine does "cut it." There is nothing she is doing that is fraudulent, nor anything deserving of prosecution.

The heart of your problem, FlyingFrank and CynL, is that you are assuming knowledge of something you know nothing about. Unless you have had your spine fused and unless you experience the same pain walking as Lina than you really have no basis for arguing. Thinking that you know what's best for a complete stranger that you have never spoken on a subject you know nothing about is, in fact, "rude and offensive."