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What to do when you find a placard?

I was walking along the sidewalk in Long Branch, NJ. Something came blowing toward me. It was a handicap placard. I'm sure some one is missing it who needs it. I flagged down an officer, who told me he didn't know what to do with it, nor did he allow me to give it to him (our finest at work here). My car is in the shop for at least another week, so can't walk into the DMV right now. There are no instructions anywhere that say, "If found do........" like you see on other things. Do I just put it in the mailbox? Do I need to buy an envelope and stamp and mail it to a DMV nearby? I mean, what do I do with it? Does anyone here know?




Mail it or drop it off at any Secretary of State (Michigan), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or police department. Or destroy it by cutting it up and throwing away.