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Can we talk? I don't usually do this, I'm not a very outspoken person. I am just tired of having my rights abused. You see I am confined to a wheelchair due to an automobile accident. I don't drive, I have head injury and driving wouldn't be too smart. \r\nI live with my fiancée, so he takes me where I need to go. We have a handicapped tag, so parking shouldn't be a problem, right?? WRONG!!! Everyone and there brother has a handicapped tag or parking placard. \r\nWe circle the lot once or twice hoping that someone will come out and move. Like I said I am confined to a wheelchair, I need an access isle to be able to open the car door wide to get my wheelchair up close and still be able to hold on to the door while I transfer from the car to the chair. Usually we end up parking at the back of the lot so I can have the extra space. When we get in a store you don't see anyone in a wheelchair, using tanked oxygen or looking like they are having any problems walking.\r\nHandicapped people need those spots, they're not provided to use if you are too fat or lazy to walk. Fat people need the exercise anyway.\r\nSo the next time you see an empty handicapped spot don't pull in it thinking you deserve it just as much as anybody. STOP! We don't park there because we deserve it, we park there because we need it.




Obviously this is very frustrating - there are not nearly enough HC spaces available for the amount of HC placards are being issued - not counting the abuses.  Now I'm not a doctor, but it seems to me that every person near the age of 70 - regardless of health - is issued a permanent placard. That takes another huge chunk out of the small available spaces left. I fought my last apartment complex for extra HC spots when I lived there, and they did not have to add any (there were 2 spots for 100 units), due to the age of the building and the City ordinance.  It was exhausting and I got nowhere.  Then last month I had to go to small claims court - no free handicapped parking there, that cost me $17 for 3 hours.  Totally unfair - it's a public courthouse!


A not answering this but in case anybody reads this in the future just a note. Many of us have what are called invisible diseases. A person could have cancer and with that comes incredible fatigue and pain. They may have MS and difficulty walking. Or like me they could have rheumatoid arthritis thankless pain difficulty walking and fatigue and varying levels every day I might be able to walk into the store just fine but at the end of the trip could have trouble walking out of the store to reach my car. Remember we can’t tell everyone’s story just by looking at them. Some people Have allergic reactions to exhaust and are justified in having a handicapped sticker some people have COPD and are also justified in having a handicap sticker. On a bad day I always wait for a handicap spot that is not been accessible on a good day I walk don’t take one of the please don’t judge.