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Fed up!

This is my second post today, I have been confined to a wheelchair for over 25 years so I know what I am talking about. I just can't believe the ignorance of some people, saying, "Just because you can't see my handicap doesn't mean I don't have one." That is right, you are handicapped, NOT disabled. Please don't get me started!




Thank you.  My condolences for your disability.  This placard entitlement was originated to facilitate the mobility of those who are  disabled but otherwise "abled" to drive because they took responsible steps to properly euip their vehicles, etc.

To the fraudsters, however, who stub their toe and scream for massive entitlements and, especially, for those of you who procure and or use placards fraudulently - you are being watched, filmed and documented.  This information is being furnished to law enforcement and, if you look like a duck, walk like a duck and talk like a duck, then you will be considered a duck until proven otherwise.  

Coming from a judged  "duck".  I am disabled but my disability isn't one that is advertised for your benefit or judgement. When I WALK out of my car, each step is like walking on broken glass, my replaced (3x's) knee is agonizing and possibly going to give way, my MS may allow me to walk in, but will sorely (if at all) challenge me to get back to my car in a lot of specific instances. And there is much more, none of which YOU can see or need too. Some days I limp, some I don't, it depends on how much pain I am in, but I prefer not to advertise this to asinine, self righteous, prejudicial, nosey finger pointers! And I won't! It is none of your business, do I come over and accuse you of faking it in a wheelchair? Do you think a wheelchair is a license to pass judgement on others as to what is or isn't a handicap or disability?!!  Do you think perfectly able bodied people don't plop themselves into wheelchairs, lean on canes, put on braces, ride on carts to pass off as handicapped/disabled just to use a handicap spot??!! They do.  Point being, you don't need to be in a wheelchair, on a cane, or driving a cart to be disabled, you don't need to limp, or crawl, or be missing limbs to be disabled. Get educated and stop thinking only YOU can possibly have the right to a handicapped parking spot. I'm in need of my spot as much as you need yours, and I will WALK in and out of my car parked in it! Start harassing people parking in our spots without tags, instead of those who do have them.  Stop thinking you know who's disabled by looking at them!  Fraud will happen, I hate it, but it happens more often when they overdo looking handicapped to avoid attention. Not when they are "walking around" to draw it..Seriously!? 

Wow you are so judgemental.  I am handicapped.  I am disabled.  What difference does the word make. As to you being in a wheelchair sorry,  so am I some days. I don't judge others who can walk and park in handicapped spots. Some days I look perfectly fine. I can go without needing my cane for a short walk into a restaurant or something where I won't be doing a lot of walking. I have to take many meds just to get out of bed. Stop judging, only God has that right.