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Reward Money To Be Paid To The Disabled who Report Report

Years ago my husband used to place the following sign on a cheating parker STUPIDITY IS NOT A HANDICAPP! Since than I have wondered why the DMV dosent offer incentives to the disabled who only get a tiny check an incentive. When they report a cheater they would recieve a percentage of fine. As most fines are between $250 an $500 it would add up! The DMV would get more money and the disabled would obtain money for thee hassle of not being able to park. The money collected would really add up. I hope others will consider promoting this idea to your senetors etc. Just this simple act would create a vast increase in funds to the states budgets.




Does that money go to the DMV? They just make the rules. Cops enforce it and get the revenue generated from it.

The notes on the car are ineffective.  The fraudsters just laugh at them.  The key is to film, document and report.  For now, the problem is so acute you will have to forego the reward - just do this as your civil duty to take back your streets.

I am fully disabled and have a placard. My disability checks are low. I need to sign up for this gig.